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  • RickM352 RickM352 May 29, 2003 7:54 PM Flag

    contrary to popular belief.........

    mm's can and do manipulate stock prices....hence the term market maker. i copied this from another board and it sheds a little light on what they can get away with. this is not rumor. "Today's ADZR news was great! But based on what happened today with the market makers, it is time to change the CUSIP... call in the shares. It is clear that naked short selling by MM's precipated some panic selling by investors. I wonder how many shares the MM's are short. ADZR has warned they will call in the shares. I hope they do. It has happened before. Historically, one notable example resulted in shareholders being paid up to 100 times the value of the stock. Why? Because short sellers must buy back shares at any cost! Look at the invasion by bashers today working in conjunction with the MM's. Unbelievable. JMHO"

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