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  • potassium_is_good potassium_is_good Sep 26, 2002 3:15 PM Flag

    Who is going to run NA sales?

    I hear they finally moved out the empty suit... I bet morale jumped a ton....

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    • Liar liar pants on fire...This message sounds like it was "dick" tated by Freddy himself to his HR "friend" during a weekend ride on the Harley...

      Come on, the only time he lifted a finger for the industry was when he sensed his job a CQB was at risk and he had to start networking. His single and only concern was his own career. Check his travel. Never had time to see customers, but amazingly had time to go off to useless UFVA meetings, why, so be perceived as an "industry leader" shame on you 502 for taking the bait.

      As for developing people, his contribution was clearly show the organization how not to manage people. Ask ANY current or former sales person about his "management". It was all about Freddy...

    • Finally some truth! Newspeak is dead!

    • Bob K was fiddling while Rome was burning and he is getting a free pass?? I don't understand it. As for the marketing group..they couldn't market oxygen. This is one of the most recognized brand names in the world and the best they can come up with is some lame television advertisements that run after infomercials on the Food Network and a tour of the US that puts Miss Chiquita on some third rate local morning shows that make Wayne and Garth look like Huntley & Brinkley. Stop me before I hurt myself.

    • You all know the names - Keith, Bob, Kings of CPG marketing - Jos and Mike O, Freddy. Note who was has been the constant - he was there and is still there. Who tolerated all this? Who also let the cost and quality get out of control!!!

    • Blame it on the Martians. No not those martians, the exM&M-Mars managers that Chiquita hired who changed NA from a traditional supply/demand market to a "source to market" one. Very, very dumb move on CQB's part.

    • Couldn't disagree more. He was not a leader in the true sense. He was "perceived" as a leader because of his position. The rest is pure fabrication! He lead right to the bottom. What was once a well thought of and recognized brand is now thought of as a joke. Who lead during this downfall.

    • I know this guy well (FH). Was a strong industry and NA leader, developed a lot of people. Weakness; too loyal to non-performers. Bring in some new talent.

    • I won't share any juicy tidbits, but it is very typical behavior from the former slimy leader. He had rules for the organization and then did what he wanted. The funny part is everyone in the sales group was laughing at him behind his back. He thought he was "the man" but no one bot off on his act. Ask around... That's why they are singing in munchin land...

    • well put

    • Herbie,

      You haven't heard the "tip of the iceberg" about ol Fred. He is the epitome of what is wrong with corporations. Sunk the sales group many times making decisions that hopefully made him look good, then spent the most of his working day doing damage control, blaming others etc why the decision HE made was screwed up by someone else. Problem is, he will probably interview well and some other company will get sucked into his web of lies. Or maybe he can get on at a West Coast port.. At least the female HR workers can relax now...

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