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  • Tonce61 Tonce61 Nov 1, 2002 12:57 PM Flag

    These bumbling idiots at CQB

    coudn't hold a garage sale and make money. They file bankruptcy to shed debt and they still are failing, can't produce a profit only bananas.

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    • In Europe CQB has no problems, their hands are clean, only Fyffes can form some competition.
      Look to the damages in CR, sales prices are considerabily up compared to last year.

    • Proctor & Gamble is a cheap company, they are paying well below the prevalent market rates for labor. That is why they are getting monkeys (offering peanuts).

      They would be in a similar situation if they did the same in the US, except that they would have english speaking monkeys.

    • No, you need to do your homework. Every time, you have to buy anything that is related to computers, the government taxes a lot more than they do in the States. Labor is cheaper in the tropics. But you get what you pay for. And how about the telecommunications problems they have in the tropics. And don't forget about the government problems they have in some countries? Why don't you ask Proctor & Gamble if things are working out in the Tropics. I have. That is why they are trying to outsource most of their global I.T. support staff with firms in the U.S. not the Tropics.

    • What a redneck... with guys like you, part of North America (i.e. between Canada and Mexico)does not stand a chance against Europeans.

    • Oh lighten up bananaboy tool...There are certainly bigger issues than "dirty" produce worker hands... Hell you could wipe your ass with a banana and not affect the person eating it... Last I ck'd you eat the inside not the outside. Oh wait, you an Leon must be smokin the peels, thus the emotional outbursts.

    • I must protest to these blasphemous attacks on the euroweenies. Leon is a good Joe, even if his views are a might socialist for you capitalist tools. Where would we be without proper hygiene? Probably riding camels in the desert, and using our left hand for you know what. A clean produce worker is a healthy and productive produce worker. Not only will the euroweenies be safe from contagious bacterium, but the worker with claen hands will be safe too. Enough of your Americentric blustering.

    • Are these the same loser Euro's who smoke 3 packs a day of nasty butts... Hell, more people die from catching a whiff of a frenchy who hasn't showed in 5 days than bad produce...

    • I'm so sure CQB is glad you appreciate their efforts to keep poop off banana skins. At the moment, the number of people who "fall ill" driving cars is multiple times that of those eating produce. So, I have an idea for your Europeans. Quit driving and eating produce. Move into tents and hunt for your food. You'll have much more in common with the militant Muslims you are trying to appease and we Americans will more easily take over your world. Then again, you won't have access to those retard websites you espouse from a tent.

    • At the moment, at least 160.000 Europeans fall ill every year because of bacteria in food, and more than 200 die as a result of food poisoning. EU ministers reached on November 28 an agreement on a new EU regulation regarding monitoring and control of salmonella and other food-born diseases. I appreciate that CQB has taken action against these diseases now, CQB bananas are all subject to the highest safety standards.
      What is the competition doing? This management has to weigh its decisions and it is not sick to invest in health-related quality produce.

    • I get it, you're a writer for Saturday Night Live.

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