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  • sop81_1 sop81_1 Feb 9, 2006 11:13 AM Flag

    Board input needed

    Here is the first draft of my letter to my local paper, input apreciated. TIA


    I was disturbed reading �It's full steam ahead� in the February 8, 2006 Sun Herald regarding the plan of the Port Authority to rebuild it�s facilities on the West Pier in accordance with their �Master Plan� put in place �nearly three years ago�. The plan evidently didn�t include requiring the port�s tenants to move their containers off the port in advance of a major hurricane or contemplate the resulting destruction and loss of life arising from that oversight. The plan also evidently didn�t consider the potential environmental catastrophe associated with storing chicken and pork bellies a few feet above sea level in a facility almost certain to be destroyed by even a minimal hurricane.

    As a resident of West Gulfport who witnessed first hand the destructive power of the cargo containers, chassis, paper rolls and the like left on the port by its tenants, I wonder why us taxpayers, many rendered homeless by the negligence of the port and its tenants, should subsidize the very companies that helped destroy our houses and beautiful neighborhood? Only in the surreal post Katrina world here on the coast does a company like Chiquita, which disclosed in their last annual report that they paid off Narco terrorists in Columbia, get a ten million dollar dock courtesy of Mississippi taxpayers (one can easily envision why drug terrorists would be interested in a company with access to several US ports). Something stinks and it�s not the mummified chicken still littering my property on Hardy Avenue.

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    • Thank you Mr. Walt, such clarification is very meaningful. Stressful day here - my apologies.


    • Hey dyin, based on some of the posts, it appears you took what I said personally, at least I didn't mean it that way, so accept this as an apology. But, I guess I got my point across.... you have to have some compassion for those who experiencd this devastation and having containers flying loosely in Gulfport...

    • You over stepped that line in the sand,,Yahoo admin should know about this threat...

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    • Hey look who it is, it's doc_wimpy and Dead_pan, one in the same,,,it's easy to tell...

    • Well Walt, is bulldozing people out of their homes (Hondouras) and passing death threats against those whom CQB disagrees standard procedure for Chiquita or what. You want to come kill me? I'm not hard to find.


    • Hey Farcuss... He brings a bit (no I take that back - a lot) of logic (not emotion) to the table...

      Don't get defensive...

      If he takes your advice ('go back and look at your posts')- it will validate what he says is correct.

    • The truth hurts, read you own posts..Leave.

    • Hey DeadHead and I don't mean Jerry Garcia. I hope an airline decides to flush out it's toilets over your house and blue ice crashes through your roof and destroys your home. I wonder if you would chalk it up to being in the path of FAA routes and do nothing about it and than ask your homeowners to take care of it. Or maybe more of a 'force majeure' where most insurers won't pick up a nickel.... insurance companies won't pick up the costs of damages from another's negligence..which in this case is CQB.

    • Sir I thought your post was reasoned but you assumed that I lived at or below sea level and that I had no flood insurance both of which were not the case.

      Since you don't live in Hurricane country I'll clue you in to what good neighbors do in advance of a storm - namely, clean up their porperty so that their belongings do not become airborn missles or seaborn torpoedoes as was the case with the Port. Everyone in my neighborhood did that....why didn't the Port and it's tenants? It was no secret Katrina was going to be rough which makes the decision by the Port and its tenants to not clean up their property that much more reprehensible.

      Did you read the Sierra Club link I posted last night - somehow they managed to foresee the environmental catastrophie associated with the port expansion...and are the few extra jobs associated with taht expansion worth the environmental misery caused by such short sightedness. Should the people who already lived there be forced to move because the Port expanded?

      My neighbors tell me the port and its tenants removed containers before every major storm that threatened us previous to Katrina - I have no first hand knowledge, however, as to the veracity of that statement which is why I've not said anything before on that subject. If true, it is yet another damning indictment of the decisions made on that fateful weekend by teh Port and its Tenants.

      There are lawsuits already filed but I have not joined them and am still unsure if I ever will (and its not from a lack of lawyers knocking on my door). To the money changers that run CQB this may seem an odd concept but I'm truely here to help my neighbor Jerry - I figured what I did down the line would depend on how they treated the obvious claims like his.

      I do not bear mailce toward CQB but will use all the talents God has given me to make sure this never happens again. Unfortunately for CQB one of my talents is with the written word. Before this is over we will find out which is stronger - the pen or the sword....gun wielding Narco terrorists or Sop and his trusty computer.

      I thank God every night for the many wonderful people, mostly complete strangers, who have touched the lives of me and my family (and countless others here) since the storm, including many here on these boards. Though we disagree on this subject, I appreciate the even tone of your missives Mr Dyin_aint_much.

      The offer for a beer and honest communications stands.


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