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  • chiquitabanananewgeneration chiquitabanananewgeneration Nov 6, 2007 12:36 PM Flag

    Expertise is gone in many areas, be careful

    The experts are gone, who will do the work now? how long will it take to recover the expertise? what will happen in the mean time? will Chiquita ever come back? Why did FA put his "people P&G" on top of a company that was making money FE? who let him do such a disaster?

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    • Who's leaving (other than BK who should have left decades ago)?

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      • You think so???You obviously have had a personal issue with him probably because you didn't understand the business either and he let you know it. airtight250 is right on with his comments.BK has been and will continue to be well respected in the industry.Some call today..just reorg talk as expected because they can't talk about things they don't know... such as the banana business.However nice scripted reading!

      • If you have a personal issue with him that's one thing and I can appreciate that, but if you know anything about the banana busines he will be a significant loss to CQB. There is no one in the company that even comes close to him in knowledge & experience. If they are looking at Zaman or others to set direction and strategy, continue relationships, walk/walk & talk the Talk they might as well cash in their chips. Have you ever spoke to Zaman, I didn't think so,,,he has no idea how to open a banana never mind have knowledge of the industry. And this is nothing against him, FA has placed him in a role he can not do and will probably fail. FA will make another change and/or bring someone in within 6 months. Lets see how much Zaman and the others speak today on bananas, any bets...Zero. the topic will be solely on the Re-org....

    • This becomes a real nightmare in the up cominmg months, because i guess it doesnot hold anymore a year.
      I have seen a lot in "fresh" business, but never ever such a list of poor people for the job they have to do.

      Experience can be acquired during the yaers,why not waiting for the best. Chiquita has all the time of the world because the buisiness is so dammned slow, that it takes yaers to push down profits which are not there.

      My very best wishes to the CEO for his choice
      and to the investor companies, who obviously are sitting back.Even they dont care for the millions to go.

      Very strong sell but already tomorrow morning before the meeting happens.

    • I can tell you this for sure, most of this expertise can not recover quickly, you're looking at 5-10 years in this industry. The individuals who FA put in charge have absolutely zero experience; Zaman, Zalla, Tanios, Loeb, Kocher & Holland. There is not one fresh fruit, produce guy in the group, and please don't say Tanios, check his track record at FE. Some consumer goods experience at most. What's this CPO, Chief Officer, and he has IT reporting to him. Who created this Org Chart, Bozo or Kermit the Frog.I hate to be cynical and I've always tried to keep a professional demeanor on this board, but this is industrial suicide. This is pure stupity. Wait until you hear some of the names that were let go and the ones he left will agree with me.