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  • labcor1 labcor1 Jun 17, 2008 9:57 PM Flag

    CQB - Crooked Management?

    Yes CQB filed Chapter 11 after Keith Lindner put it in the garbage. Steve Warshaw and team successfully brought it out of bankruptcy and for thanks there went Steve and in came Cyrus all fairness he did OK but didn't have very long to prove himself as he put The Big Dirk on the board and the Big Dirk saw it as an opportunity. Out goes Cyrus and in came the Big Tampon Man ....FA...FA felt threatened and so out went BK and all the experienced look what the Tampon Man has done! He doesn't know a tampon from a banana.... poor thing....When will anyone wake up and ditch the inexperienced,power hungry,manipulating,overpayed,non citizen??? he has no idea of how to run a banana company! Bring back some experience! and ditch the Big Dirk too...Hmmm what did he do when he tried to run P&G?Just got fat!