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  • skiselev81 skiselev81 Dec 8, 2009 2:14 PM Flag

    wtf is going on??

    So is it collapsing like this? Dont see any bad news on this...does anyone know whats up?

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    • ok again its completely tanking. Whats going on now?? Seems we've had some good news with the tariff reduction and all, why the collapse again? Seems as soon as it gets to 19, theres way too much selling pressure, any idea why??

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      • No just because of the suit filed in italy and Cqb named

      • skiselev, here's my advice. When you own or follow a stock, the first thing to do when you pull it up for review is to look for news articles. If there is anything new, read it. If it looks like it would impact the stock and the stock has moved up or down accordingly, that is probably the reason. If there is no news but the broad market indices are way up or down and the stock has moved in the same direction, that is probably the reason. If that doesn't help and you still feel very unsettled whenver your stocks move more than a couple pennies in one day, sell them and get yourself a certificate of deposit. I hear they are paying over 1% in some places. Good luck

    • Anyone who follows this stock knows it whipsaws. The broad markets are down, the dollar is strengthening today, and CQB has been on an upward tear for a while. I don't think the price behavior today should be too much of a surprise. For some, it may be a buying opportunity. It all depends on your investment horizon.

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      • My 2 cents. First the negatives. Double volume on downward move all day. It was my worst performer today percentage wise. Having said that I'm not worried ven if it breaks a little under 17- 16.90's. For me 16.50 and Lower would concern me. I just think its selling off $19. Which was a good move in hindsight buy back in here or lower. I did that at 18 and a few other levels and had luck. It works out real nice if you put that money in another stock that moves up in the mean time. Then back to CQB at lower price. I missed 19 but I'm staying for 20.
        Good Luck

    • JMHO, believe this is due to Kroger coming out with bad numbers for the qtr. All the food service companys are down today.

      I'm looking at adding some shares of this sector. People have to eat.

      They sure as hell don't have to buy technology gadgits.

      Good luck all!