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  • LeonMusa LeonMusa Jun 9, 2010 1:08 PM Flag

    The dirty side of the business

    no big difference

    Read the ITUC 2010 survey:
    Illegal detention of MSICG representatives presenting damning report on multinationals: On 6 November 2009, Dora Baján, Blanca Villatoro, Cristina Ardón, María Reyes, Ingrid Ruano, Deysi Gonzales, Hortensia Gómez, Marielos Ruano, María Barrios and Etelvina Tojín went to the Labour Ministry to present a report on the labour rights violations suffered by women at the plantations supplying bananas to the multinationals Chiquita Brand and Del Monte Fresh. Staff and public servants at the Ministry proceeded to close the doors, leaving the ten women locked behind the railings surrounding the building. They then began to take photos and video films of them, firing verbal abuse at them, in a bid to intimidate them and prevent them from exercising their trade union and labour rights.

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    • I still don't see how this pertains. It's very unspecific "alleged" information pointing fingers in the direction of both Chiquita and Del Monte, put out by a news source that may or may not be trustworthy. And it's highly unlikely the message in the original "dirty business" thread had any information on this news. Just someone looking to kick dirt on Chiquita for reasons known only to the writer.

    • Good one Luc.

      Too bad the story has nothing to do with either company doing anything.

      Anyway, you should not be so hypocritical since all that banana money kept you in witbier and frites for years and nobody saw you hurling accusations then.