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  • skiselev81 skiselev81 Dec 10, 2010 12:58 PM Flag

    time for a pullback to 12.50 or so.

    ran too fast, time to go down for a bit. Might base out at 13 though (i hope). We'll see.

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    • Good points, Yea I'm getting in CQB if opportunity comes again. Waiting it out at this point. Didn't work last time but I'll stay consistent. Low 13's is my new entry and buy it down if lower. As far as KMB and V, from articles I read and the way the charts are looking, they are most likely oversold here. 411 drop for Visa with a 49B market cap. That's a lot. I do not follow these either. Just looked like good entry's for for different reasons. I mentioned Allscripts MDRX before those are the 3 new ones I got in. CQB is the forth bad timing so far.
      Happy Holidays..

    • seattle.ste

      Dole up 63 cents today. No reason, IMHO, that tomorrow CQB won't follow. Financially, CQB looks better then Dole.

      Good luck with your investments.

    • Best of luck w/ those new investments, Bylo. I don't follow either, but have watched the news on the Fed's proposal regarding swipe charges. It's hard to say how it will play out, but apparently not too well for the card companies nor banks. I suppose it's a question of whether or not it is built into the stock price now. Honestly, it is beyond me where government gets the authority to dictate these things. Once upon a time we had free markets.

      Back to CQB. We were not much better than flat yesterday, and today there is a slump, albeit slight. Volume is remarkably low, which I would attribute to the holiday week, except for it was high on Monday and Tuesday. Go figure. I see that short interest was around 12% as of Nov. 30, which raises questions as to whether some of the rally was covering, and if perhaps the bears are reloading at current levels. The stock is volatile enough that I'm sure people are making money in either direction. Anyway, if you are still looking for an entry point, you may get a window of opportunity if you are willing to up your price just a little.

    • Missed the low to mid 12's. Missed $13.00 a couple of times. Congrats. I'll keep an eye. Sold my biggest high flyer today FNSR. Rotated that into Visa (V). It looked good to me after recent knock down. We'll see. KMB is another that I rotated some tech money into recently. Sold some Semi stock for KMB after weak Q. I think both are over sold. Filled under $62 it's a huge accidental high yielder at these levels. Plus a 1.00 + appreciation so far.

    • No question that the action today was bullish, with volume picking up as the price increased. After floating flat on low volume, today we did almost 2x the normal. Let's see if we get any follow through next week. While I'd like to see us back into the 14's, and see it as quite possible, I am never surprised by what this stock can do. In other words, you may still get your buying opportunity. For selfish reason, I hope you don't.

    • I gambled @ $13.00 a couple of times now and lost. In the short term at least. It would of been nice because I have cash sitting. I really can't complain tech's doing well and energy. Recent bought MDRX a couple of times in $17-18 range and that's starting to do well. If CQB dips to $13.00 again I'll buy a round. If not congrats ahead of time..

    • seattle.ste:

      JMHO, however the analyst indicated 2011 earnings est. low range was $1.71. With a PE of 12, that would give it a target of $20+

      Good luck with your investments.

    • FWIW, the volume has been low for the last few sessions, and the price in a narrow channel, moving about in the low 13's. But, today, the volume has increased and the price is trending above the channel. What is causing that, I have no idea - just thought I'd point it out. We could begin to drift up from here.

    • Noticing that there is not so much volume on the downside, and that the other fruit stocks (DOLE, etc.) are not getting hit today. Given that this is a banana pricing rally, they should be working more or less in tandem. That suggests this is more of a short loading or hedge manipulation than a reflection of normal market forces. At this point, I will not be surprised to see us hold 13 and actually climb up a bit in the last hour of the session. JMO

    • No question it went up fast and furious. Some consolidation makes sense. Maybe 12.50, maybe 13.00, who knows. Could be a good day to purchase for anyone who missed the low and is looking to build a new position. Time will tell.