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  • jimgggg jimgggg Jan 26, 2011 1:14 PM Flag


    Expected earnings growth 2011 vs 2010 is 53%, yet PE is under 15

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    • No question that there is value. It's an easy thesis whether you look at PE, profit, sales, brand equity, market share, or cash flow. However, investors need to keep in mind that this is a classic Peter Lynch kind of opportunity. That is, it is low cap, low float, low volume, and not covered by the major investment banks. Many institutions and funds simply cannot invest in CQB because the market cap is not over $1 billion, and there is not enough volume for them to accumulate meaningful positions without significantly impacting price. All of this mean that it is a great investment, but the time to fruition is not calcuable. The good news is that more recently it appears that there is some visibility. Volumes are higher, and the price is near a 52-week high (missed it by 10 cents today). So, there is reason to believe that some larger investors (hedge funds, etc.) are picking up shares.

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      • Plenty of volume today, and there's still 15 minutes left. For quite some time, we've frequently seen 20% of the day's activity in the last 1/2 hour. No idea why.

        It's good to see what appears to be new basing activity. Yesterday, we could not break the 52-week high, but it was a first attempt. We have another go at it tomorrow. As always, the caveat is the broad market. The S&P is working to break 1300, and it's a tug of war.

        If CQB can get through $16.87, I believe it will go to the high 18's more quickly than many would expect. GLTA

    • And 2011 earnings estimates are rising.