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  • bookerone2000 bookerone2000 Feb 25, 2011 11:48 AM Flag


    Nice to see CQB pop up over $16 today. IMO, this move is due to improvement of consumer confidence, that is if you believe it.

    Hopefully CQB will come out with positive guidance, which should give us a nice move up.

    The middle east could have a negative affect. However, I do believe Gadafi will be ousted. Then we sell what leadership shows up.

    Good luck!

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    • Good price movement today, particularly into the close. We traded over 1 million shares, finished near the high of the day, at nearly 16 1/2 bucks. The broad market definitely gave us a boost, but a lot of this was clearly CQB specific. The stock outperformed both FDP and DOLE, though the former is also near a 52-week high and reports on Tuesday. There is still a sizeable short position out there, so that could influence price movement over the next few sessions, should they decide to cover en masse.

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      • Nice pop after hours. Added another dime to the price! Eyes are still on Libya, but it appears that opposition forces have secured the east and related oil assets. That's about 1/2 of Libya's production right there. The remaining question is whether Gadhafi will follow through with his threats and torch Tripoli, or decide to sneak out of the country with his skin intact. A quick resolution could send oil prices down sharply and spark a good market rally.