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  • graityear graityear Nov 30, 2011 6:40 AM Flag

    NC/Charlotte Bribes are Irresponsible, Taxing local citizens to give

    away money. This corrupt practice of allowing states to tax families/citizens to give money to rich companies needs to be stopped. It's a disgrace. I'm encouraging all NC companies to look for Millions in Bribes or move out of NC/Charlotte. Of course many 100's of thousands of jobs at all levels have already been moved outside the country from North Carolina in order for the CEO's to horde Billions more for themselves. If history is a guide, this type of Relocation Bribery has by far failed to be a positive financially and the corrupt NC Politicians know this. It's simple math. But they don't care about the numbers when the taxpayers are paying Billions for their failures. It's not the Politicians' money.