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  • captainsteveoreno captainsteveoreno May 16, 2012 7:33 PM Flag

    Walmart stopped carring Chiquita Bananas

    All bananas are not created equal. Banana tree grafting over the years produces a more desirable banana. They are my favorite tasting brand and I am gonna pickup as many shares as I can manage. Once Central America gets this union business sorted out this stock will triple.

    Walmart's policy is to reduce their food products costs of time, or that supplier will loose Walmart's as a carrier. I've tried Walmart's new bananas and they are terrible. Look at their quality of their own food products such as french fries. If you have noticed over a period of time their taste and quality eroded. It is all apart of the Walmart code of sales and product ethics. In my opinion you can not get a more a superior bunch of bananas then Chiquita.