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  • lennyclue_1000 lennyclue_1000 Apr 18, 1998 2:17 PM Flag

    Banana Relief

    Does anyone know when, if ever, Chiquita will get any relief from the illegal quotas/license system imposed by the EU? The
    WTO issued some rulings favorable to Chiquita but apparently nothing has changed. Is it true that certain Carribean countries
    (allied with France) are somehow being subsidized by this quota system at the expense of companies like Chiquita? Is it true that
    the French are subsidizing certain Carribean Banana Economies at the expense of Chiquita and the European Banana eaters (who
    overpay for thier bananas)? I say let the lowest price bananas be delivered first! If the quotas are lifted and Chiquitas stock goes
    way up I promise to take a Carribean vacation.

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    • What are you talking about? None of the land at
      "the Wedge" site is privately owned. Lindner has an
      interest because of ownership of property that is
      relatively nearby, but that is common knowledge.

      should also be stated that Lindner has a minority
      onwership interest in the Cincinnati Reds.

    • You two have a fine point of your own when you
      say that Dole and Clinton should stand up for an
      American company - but the point is that Lindner paid for
      this influence with contributions to both parties and
      even bragged to the prez of another nation about his
      influence with Clinton and others.

      I don't see how
      CQB's tax payments have any thing to do with their
      ethical standards or humanitarianism - am I missing
      something or are you guys reaching a little?

      read everything that I've linked to and perhaps you'll
      get the idea... and no I don't forgive the Enquirer
      for their own lack of ethics and that is why the
      story has been retracted. But, in all cases, the FACTs
      and TRUTH stand above both companies and airing the
      allegations (with the understanding that the info was stolen)
      may spark some change of its own.

      till the heavens fall'

    • Someone needs to speak out forcefully against
      KickStart and his/her ilk. Not one word was said about the
      admitted unethical acts of the Enquirer reporters. Sounds
      like a big double standard. They contintue to single
      out and "scapegoat" one company (Chiquita) for
      universal social problems (unfortunately farm laborors are
      the underclass and I believe it's this way
      everywhere). KickStart never did provide an answer as to why
      nothing has been done about California farm laborors low
      wages and hideous working conditions. I'm glad you
      articulated the important fact that Chiquita is an American
      company that would be paying U.S. taxes on its profits
      (if it could only make any). The EU trade practices
      provide windfall profits to European companies at a
      crippling cost to U.S. companies like Chiquita. I believe
      President Clinton is a very smart and decent person and,
      contrary to what KickStart says, to go to bat for Chiquita
      (Dole, etc.) is clearly the right thing to do. If
      America won't go to the defense of its own
      taxpayers/citizens, our whole country is in big trouble.

    • Dear KickStart - you sound like a reporter who
      possible works for the Enquirer --- God forbid that a
      large company does something wrong --- But you sure
      seem to back a newspapaer that has admitted to wrong
      doing. Did you every wonder why the newspaper had to go
      to Detroit to get an Arch Bishop to slam Chiquita.
      Why not one from Cincinnati, Indy, Louisville are
      many others who are close to Chiquita's home office.
      As far as the EU quota system and the "POOR"
      countries that would lose so much money - been to some of
      those countires...from the prices they charge for
      drinks on the beach, they will never miss the banana
      money. Also saw some of the Presidential Palaces - these
      countries aren't as poor as the Enquirer has led you to
      believe. Lets not forget the quota - with all of your
      insight and wisdom, have you once thought that the one
      organization that has more to gain from Chiquita losing face
      with the WTO than any other is the EU (who is getting
      $20 U.S. FOB for bananas today in Europe). - I wonder
      who backed the cost of this investigation by the
      Enquirer. I'm sure that Chiquita has dealing like all other
      big companies which have dirty laundry. But remember,
      they are a U.S. owned company and should have the
      support of Bob Dole and Bill Clinton - or would you
      rather they lose money while oversea's companies bring
      in the profits.

    • there was nothing slanderous about those
      articles, except for the poor presentation of the issue of
      shipboard drugs. The article was a bit sensationalistic but
      was ON THE MONEY on all counts. Too many names, too
      many conversations, and the only thing to be said by
      the company is that they STOLE the email messages.
      Please tell me how you steal email
      messages????????????????? 2,000 of them to be exact.

      They were
      obviously given to the reporter by someone with a BIG
      Honkin' axe to grind. Perhaps one of the people who had
      been recently fired, as the articles

      The only thing it didnt mention was Lindner's secret
      ownership of the land that the new Cincinnati Stadium will
      be sitting on. I'm sure the Enquirer won't print
      THAT story now.

      Believe it folks, as I've
      hinted at for a while, those stories were DEAD ON

      I'm surprised that cqb decided to sue
      though, they won. I can't believe that they would risk
      the discovery process by pursuing action against the
      reporter. I mean hell, they've ruined his career, but they
      are obviously being vengeful, and mark my words it
      will come to HAUNT them for a long, long, time.

      You folks had better keep an eye on any timelines for
      any legal action related to this. As soon as they
      have to introduce evidence, all hell will break loose,
      and this stock will melt like those horrible freezer
      pops that cost us money in 1988-89.

    • and I don't believe your really such a
      humanitarian as you imply. So the wages of banana workers
      aren't that high. Do you know how much farm laborers in
      California earn? It cant be that much, the living conditions
      are bad and the work is backbreaking. You really want
      to solve the worlds problems or you just some kinda
      of a corporation bashing nutcake carrying out a
      vendetta? The idea that profits are evil I thought was
      discredited along time ago. Poor unprofitable companies don't
      normally lead to prosperity for the bottom rung of the
      ladder. I thought the Enquirer article was biased and
      Chiquita has (or will have) the $10 million to show for
      it. I hope they make that slandering reporters life

    • (Thanks Sawaddee98 - the article was

      ...And I can show you how its an injustice here - we
      have a U.S. newspaper cowering in the face of the
      bought-and-paid-for influence of a multinational company. YOUR 1st
      amendment rights are being trampled right on our front
      yard. Its victims are no longer only the poor brown and
      black skins living out miserable lives whose only
      meaning was to feed the profit machine of a wild-eyed

      It makes me sick to my stomach to think
      that CQB stockholders could be left thinking 'profits
      might rise if only we could get a better grip on those
      labor factions that just aren't interested in being
      team players'.

      Yeah, right. When were 123
      families displaced by bulldozers in your neighborhood? See
      the light yet?

    • Here's a link to the full story on the "squatters":

    • The "squatters" you referred to are the people
      who lived in the Tacamiche community in Honduras for
      several generations. They were evicted by the Honduran
      military at the request of Chiquita. Legal ownership of
      the land was in dispute (and still is

      The term "squatters" came from a Chiquita press
      release at the time of the conflict (about 2 years ago, I

      I know a little about the story from a friend who
      visited Tacamiche before and after the

      Obviously, Dole, or whichever company gave you the
      information, picked it up from Chiquita (how would they know
      how long those people lived

      Misinformation can come from all sides, not just the press.

    • You make CQB seem so innocent and victimized...
      get real -

      See Time Magazine, Jan 22, 1996
      v147 n4 p54(1) -

      I have no excerpt here, but
      it claims that Lindner has received very special
      treatment from Dole and Clinton as he fought quotas and
      import restrictions in Europe and Columbia.

      also - The Wall Street Journal, May 11, 1998 n93
      pB4(W) pB14(E) col 3 (11 col in) entitled: 'Chiquita
      Brands confirms that SEC is investigating company's
      practices.' (no excerpt here)

      The Enquirer story
      originally ran on 05/03/98 and was 18 freaking pages... I
      don't think it was all fiction.

      A little
      research I did garnered this interesting little story
      about a Detroit Bishop who was appalled that the
      Cincinnati archdiocese would accept a $1.5 million
      contribution from CQB. I am apt to believe someone of such
      character, when he states he can corroborate the charges by
      the Enquirer.

      This is only an excerpt

      National Catholic Reporter, May 15, 1998 v34 n28

      Calling it "blood money," Auxiliary Bishop Thomas
      Gumbleton of Detroit has denounced donations to Catholic
      institutions from the Chiquita Brands Banana Co. and its CEO,
      Carl H. Linder Jr.

      Gumbleton told the Enquirer
      that Chiquita is "an evil institution for exploiting
      the poor." He said the newspaper's charges track with
      his observations from extensive travels in Latin
      America, including visits to Chiquita farms in Honduras.

      Other charges in the Enquirer report

      * Chiquita
      secretly controls dozens of supposedly independent
      companies, usually in violation of Central American laws on
      land security and national security;

      * despite
      environmental agreements to the contrary, Chiquita uses
      pesticides that threaten workers and residents;

      * a
      local coroner's report confirms that a Chiquita worker
      died last year in a banana field after exposure to
      toxic chemicals;

      * Chiquita transport ships
      have been used to smuggle cocaine into Europe, though
      without the company's knowledge;

      * workers have
      been harassed and brutalized by company-employed
      security forces;

      * Lindner and his family have
      made legal but controversial donations to political
      figures seeking help in a dispute over banana tariffs.

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