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  • KickStartVibrator KickStartVibrator Jul 1, 1998 1:10 PM Flag

    More Dope on Lindner and CQB...

    Just when I think I've exhausted the resources on
    the CQB story... (sorry to make so many different
    postings) concentrates on Lindner, mostly, but is
    chock-full of reasons to consider him quite
    unsavory... also focuses on Lindner and ties him to cronies
    like Charles
    Keating. contains some of the 05/03/98 Enquirer

    The following excerpt is from this
    with info on the pesticide abuses at CQB at their
    Latin American farms -
    "In related news, a recent
    series in the Cincinnati Enquirer
    reported on a
    comprehensive year-long investigation into the
    America activities of Chiquita Brands
    Inc. Chiquita Brands is the world's largest banana
    employing more than 36,000 workers and selling its fruit
    40 countries.

    The Enquirer investigation into
    Chiquita's use of pesticides
    on banana plantations found
    that Chiquita showed disregard
    not only of the
    company's stated environmental guidelines,
    but also for
    the safety of tens of thousands of field
    Investigators found:
    -- Aerial spraying when workers are in
    the fields. According
    to the report, "Chiquita
    subsidiaries have sprayed toxic
    cocktails, varying mixtures
    of potent chemicals on their
    plantations without
    removing workers first. These aerial
    sprayings can take
    place more than 40 times a year on
    plantations that
    are threatened by a widespread banana
    [Sigatoka]. Often these pesticides fall on workers,
    villages, rivers or forests."
    -- Use of pesticides by
    Chiquita's subsidiaries in Latin
    America that are not
    registered for use in the U.S., Canada
    or Europe,
    contrary to company statements. These
    bitertanol, azoxystrobin, imazalil and ethoprop.
    -- Use of
    pesticides in aerial spraying that are toxic to
    fish and
    birds, contrary to Chiquita's stated
    policies. These include mancozeb, thiophanate-methyl

    In San Jose, Costa Rica, another Chiquita
    subsidiary, Polymer
    Plastipak, manufactures plastic bags
    impregnated with
    chlorpyrifos. The bags are used to cover
    bananas ripening on
    plants to protect them from
    insects. Community leaders and
    neighbors in the
    surrounding barrio have complained to the
    national health
    ministry that fumes from the factory have
    residents to suffer chronic respiratory
    blistered skin and other serious illnesses. For many
    plant officials have denied these claims, conceding
    only that
    the plant emits a "bad odor." After
    Enquirer investigators
    questioned company officials
    about the problem, tests were
    conducted that found
    high quantities of chlorpyrifos being
    released from
    the plant's smokestack. Investigators also
    that chlorpyrifos was being released inside the
    and into the atmosphere where the bags are cut and
    Chiquita continues to maintain, however, that the plant
    no threat to nearby residents or workers."

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    • Since the Enquirer has pulled the story, why do
      you find it necessary to keep trying to retype it

      When was the last time a major media corporation
      (Gannett) withdrew a major article and made an eight digit
      settlement, all without an actual lawsuit never even being
      filed against them?

      • 1 Reply to cxman00
      • Enquirer HAS removed the stories from their site.
        My whole point has been that it was only because
        they couldn't defend a story that was based on
        allegedly stolen evidence. And, although the publisher's
        letter says the evidence was therefore lacking in fact,
        its plainly obvious that the letter is a study in
        begging not to be sued.

        The reporter was a star at
        the height of his career and this was a year-long
        investigation that Enquirer went into headlong. The reporter
        specialized in these types of whistle-blowing stories.

        After the stories started on 05/03/98, CQB did make a
        press release denying the allegations, but at no point
        did they file suit. Why not?? After all, wouldn't you
        want to make your accuser reveal his evidence of your
        wrong doing (in court)? CQB obviously didn't want to
        have to face what they couldn't defend.

        Enquirer had to bag the story once its illegal origins
        were uncovered, because then they could no longer
        rightfully prove their story's basis in court in a
        hypothetical suit brought by CQB. (Act 1 of a such a suit
        would be to have the defendant prove the basis, or
        verity, of their statements.) You can see here that the
        threat of being sued has carried more effect than the
        act of suing.

        There's more to why I feel the
        way I do, but I don't feel like writing a book on
        it... I've read a lot about it and I hope I've
        presented some of the larger issues and key points that
        will make an impression here.