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  • planetclicker planetclicker Aug 10, 1998 7:26 AM Flag

    insiders are buying

    at Chiquita Brands

    first hit
    then daily info
    stock info
    then daily rocket

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    • I have read some of your posts. We are on the
      same page, so it seems.
      I was in Costa Rica in '97.
      What a beautiful and diverse place it is. On the top
      of my list of "paradises to escape to". WAS the best
      place for coffee until SBUX. ( If only CQB had 1/2 the
      mgmt SBUX does)
      How's the banana crop this
      Gyess I'll go celebrate, CQB stayed even today.

    • 1-800-541-8998

      that's there toll free
      line for voice mail subscribers.
      (thank you
      Cincinnati Enquirer)

      then dial "0", and get to an

      Then ask for any of the following:
      Robert Kistinger
      Joseph Hagin
      Magnes Welch
      (investor Relations)
      Michael Sims

      I wish you the best of luck and I hope that you
      yank their chain really good. They need it.

    • toll free, i've wasted enuff $ , i wont pay for a
      tele call.
      This firm had such a strong name jus t
      a few years back. It really is a shame that it has
      gone to the land of missed opportunity. I would like a
      reason to hold what I have left. Anybody think this old
      dog will turn around?
      I know it's only $, but what
      bummer it is.

    • Though I'm still an investor, this company's
      management is disappointing every investor. They have no
      concept on what shareholder value is. It wouldn't be so
      bad if the Lindners didn't control so much of the
      company so that a suitor can come in and add REAL value
      with a hostile takeover proposal. They are incompetent
      to take advantage of a worldwide name brand. They
      don't foster Wall Street recognition.

      If and
      when this company's stock rises, I intend to liquidate
      my small portion unless some material changes take
      place at the top.
      Chiquita has become a house of
      beauracrats interested more in politics than shareholder

      I sympathize with you and hope you will learn from
      this unfortunate experience as I have.

    • We've been assuming that for 5 years now. The
      only valid assumption is that the L's would screw
      anyone to achieve their own goals.

      There is no
      regard for shareholder's within CQB. Look at this damn
      stock, nothing positive to think of, just gradually
      sinking lower and lower.

      is there any good news
      out there at all? Any EU developments. The recent
      hurricane damage to the smaller Islands in the caribbean
      can not be a good thing, as they will use this to
      bolster their claims for relief from the large

      Oh well, why should we be surprised.

    • I think you have to assume that the Lindners
      would like to get a decent return on their investment
      in Chiquita. Everything is for sale at some price.
      Witness the announcement that they sold the commercial
      lines piece of their property and casualty company the
      other day. That always looked like a core piece of AFG.

    • It's not what they own, it's what they control.
      There is little Wall St sponsorship. Who follows CQB?
      One or two minor houses?

      I've had some big
      positions in this stock thinking the EU problem will
      eventually be resolved but what I've discovered is that it's
      being used to disguise the ineffiencies in the company.
      This is why the "strong hand" investors aren't in the
      stock and won't be until there is "real" shareholder

      But I do eat their bananas.

    • The Lindners have taken no money out of CQB for
      years and years (read the proxies) since the Europe
      quota disaster and barely took a salary before that.
      They hold less than 40% of AFG, the public company and
      which in turn holds less than 40% of CQB. I doubt that
      a 1.5% common dividend yield would represent a
      target return to their insurance company

      It seems to me they would need to care a lot about
      shareholder value in order to get some themselves.

      hold some too, and remember that the same management
      drove share value from around $3 when they took it over
      to the high $40s before the quota hit.

    • Dole went down 5.75. One of their analysts (Tim
      Ramey) put out a report saying they'd get hit by Russia
      and dropped his estimates for Q3 & Q4.

      Most of
      Dole's analyst moved their numbers down, but none of CQB
      or FDP's changed except for this Ramey

      Look around. You'll see people reacting to any sort of
      negative news and other stock that have any sort of
      exposure to Russia, SE Asia are getting hit whether they
      like it or not.

    • You may want to look at the convertible preferred
      stock instead of the common. For example the series B
      convertible into 3.3333 shares of CQB which is equivalent to
      $15.share. The convertible pays $3.75.share. So above
      $15/share the convertible preferred acts like the common.
      Below $15/share the price of the convertible is held up
      by the dividend. Currently the series B preferred is
      yielding 8% annually. If you think CQB has possibilities
      for a rise in share price the convertible is a better
      way of investing in CQB than buying the common.

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