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  • LeonMusa LeonMusa Aug 18, 2000 10:42 AM Flag

    This banana is a big LEMON!

    do the inventories in the balance sheet include
    the bananas on the water and at which value (cost
    price or estimated sales price)?
    In July Dol shipped
    from Ecuador 2.450.000 boxes, CQB zero. Why exporting
    when you can only recuperate the FOB value? The next
    weeks the loading of the vessels will be delayed
    (demurrage)due to cold temperatures and bad quality. Are you
    still convinced that Dol needs the Ecuadorian bananas
    in the first half of the year? Did you calculate the
    cost of a full year contract, when you sell in the
    second half with losses? There has to be something
    personal to support this strategy.
    The Ecuadorian
    Minister of Foreign Affairs is calling for a common
    position on the EU banana regime, which is not dictated by
    US multinationals. All Latin American banana
    producing countries are meeting today in Panama.