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  • stayundertheradar stayundertheradar Jan 10, 2001 4:42 PM Flag

    With Carl Linder behind this company...

    this will turn around and make the stock holders
    happy they held or happy they are getting in at bargin
    basement prices. Linder will not let this company go down
    the tubes. If anything IMO he will look for a strong
    company to buy CQB. Either way, this play could be one of
    the best this year.

    Go Bananas!

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    • Hasn't he been behind this company for the entire
      ride from $50 per to $1 per. Guess I still have sour
      grapes from selling at a lose in 12/99 (did help on

      I did buy in at $2 1/16 - wondering if it
      is smart to hang on. Anyone have any positive news
      other than SPAM.

      • 1 Reply to gonenanas
      • The only sure thing in life is death and taxes,
        everything else is a crap shoot. One thing that i have
        learned over the years is that the most constant thing in
        life is cahage and in the stock market you can go from
        hero to a goat in a year and the reverse is also true.
        In my opinion, now that the internet bubble has
        burst, the market will get back to a more rational
        approach to assessing value and stock prices. I purchased
        CQB because people have to eat and they offer good
        value at this level. Problems will get resolved in the
        international trade wars and fundamentals will improve for the
        company. Buy and Hold you will be rewarded.

    • The effect of Linder behind this company is illustrated clearly by this graph:

    • Idiot .. Look into the terms and conditions on the debt

    • that statement made me almost piss my

      For those that bought at under a buck and sold
      congrats. The rest of you that bought on the way up, well,
      today should give you everything you need to

      I love all the recent posters to our hallowed
      board. I'm sure they've been following this board all
      the way down from the mid teens.

      congrats to those lucky few who have made some money on
      CQB. I for one will continue to sit out until I see a
      significant change in the business environment.