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  • bennanas bennanas Apr 3, 2001 5:15 PM Flag

    Sleeping at Night

    I hope Steve W and Bob K don't have any problem sleeping at night with that million dollars in bonus they "earned" for 2000. I guess if they had lost 200 million they'd have gotten 2 million?

    I pity the poor grunts who were given their 4% increases who now have to read how these arrogant a**holes have set themselves up with golden parachutes while the grunts try to figure out what Ohio Unemployment pays.

    These guys have impeccable timing. While Blackstone is trying to put positive spin on what the company can do, the toxic twins accept this money. They are a PR nightmare. The guys at Goldman Sachs have got to be mainlining Maalox over ever getting involved with this sad outfit.

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    • Didn't they push out some PR that they came up with a set of Core Values. I seem to call Responsibility and Integrity.
      Who has the new definition of these words?

      Any note on the latest short position?

    • What motivations do you have to improve the present situation. I'm sure in upper mgts mind's they feel they are making strong efforts to improve things.

      You have more drive to improve things if you see a man standing outside your door with an ax if things don't improve vs. a man holding a $725K bonus check telling you what a GREAT JOB you've done in light of all those bastards in Europe that force you to make all of those bad decisions and over-extend CQB.

      As I sit here losing money on my investment, bitterness sets in reading about two individuals in upper mgt getting $1 Million in bonuses. Presently, I bought at $2 1/16 - I would be much happier if CQB management would cut me a check for $1.25 per share for having faith things would turn around!!!