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  • cqbholder cqbholder May 18, 2001 10:22 AM Flag

    Insider Activity on Yahoo (through 4/6)

    Glad to see that with the share price at such a bargain that all of the senior management stepped up to buy some.


    Again, for those of you that think this is going to turn around, I ask the same question that I asked 3 years ago:

    "Why hasn't Bob, Steve, and the rest of the senior team bought into this thing?"

    If they don't have any faith that it will turn around, why should anybody else.

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    • It is unbelieveable that despite staggering losses, increasing each of the last 3 years, that Steve, Bob and the gang are rewarded not just with huge salary increases but also big bonuses. I always throught that the higher you are in an organization, the more your salary remained static with the bulk of your compensation being variable, based on results. Hard to comprehend that their bonuses were "earned", certainly not justified by the terrible business performance. It is a huge warning sign to me that not a penny of these "undeserved" bonuses were reinvested back into stock at the current low prices. Wouldn't that be a significant gesture to the employees and shareholders to put some of their cash back into the company. The only one to ever put his own $ into the company was Ben Paz. Things don't look good....