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  • jem_1043 jem_1043 Dec 13, 2007 9:47 AM Flag

    Think Big

    This stock is on the right track, more and more stores have complete sections of special foods,it can go to 5 in a short time. Buy Now!!!

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    • Missed the boat? The economy is in correction mode. This stock is a reflection of that and also because of the shorts. I say don't miss the boat today at this price!

      hope one way or another all that pulled back miss the boat.

    • Jem says "buy" the stock is going UP. Why pick the number 5, and not 10 or 20? Any basis other than hype and hope? Lots of failing companies close their doors with bulging inventory. Pasta/organic/natural/nutrition are all wonderful and wholesome descriptions which I hope will carry the day for this company, but still struggle with the stock value and the way it is analyzed and recommended by comments on the Message Board?

    • Help me out. I am aware that buying a stock at a dollar and selling it at two dollars is a 100% increase, but this could be gambling and not investing. Buffet talks about "cost" and "value". Cost is what the public pays in buy/sell, however value is the intrinsic worth of a stock.

      Let's look at this company and its stock--if Con Agri or a "rich" investor bought every outstanding share (the market cap), it would cost about $70 million to own this company, lock, stock and barrel. The book value of the stock, by its own numbers, is about a nickle per share. Book is basically what the company would be worth if it totally liquidated all its assets. And the current price of the stock has a PE (price/earnings ratio) HUGELY in excess of an economic engine like Wal Mart. Yes, cost today is about $1.50, but what is the real value? And in the end that will win the race--in the meantime there will likely be some manipulation up and down where mostly insiders benefit in the short term.

      HOWEVER, there is one wild card. Amish Naturals is compared to Dell Computer. If in fact a noodle has a unique market niche similar to a Google and/or Dell and/or Microsoft, then it could be a sleeper in the long term. In the meantime, for most of us, we'll buy a pack or two of the highly tauted product and enjoy the pasta with family and friends during the holidays!!!

      The half dozen or so hard working employees in the Holmesville plant are sure rooting for continued success!! I join with them in wishing all a cheerio joyous Holiday Season and a good New Year!!!

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      • As far has purchasing a stock,some will come up with a great Idea but don't have the money to get much bigger then a Mom & PoP operation. But if it is a good Idea some other companys will buy them or with some luck and a good product can become a great company, Dell, Snapple start very small and became good investments - Snapple was bought out abd Dell is one of the biggest selling Computers today (using one now). Plastic was a gamble too. Food is a must in life, the less chemicals you use the better off you be, did you every grow Veggies in a back yard, why do people go to a small store "BECAUSE THEY HAVE HOME MADE FOOD" FRESH EVERYDAY. HAAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS AND A GOOD MEAL -THE FOOD YOU EAT ON HOLIDAYS IS PAST DOWN FOR YEARS.

    • Puzzle - How this stock can go from 54,630 to 58,thousand + and lose a penny has me thinking - knowing prices are going up on things but this is new to me -unless it's being sold at a lower price ???. Anyone notice this?.

    • Well obviously the officiers of the company do think big. They sell shares as fast as they can print them. They must believe the company will be bought out because they won't be able to do that once the deal goes through!

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      • I forgot to mention,if (when ConAgra buys this little Co. you may get some share of Con Agra. About the Offices selling shares - getting your money back is a good thing, stocks was about 1.00, selling at 4.00 was a good move on there part. Hell! a million shares is nice money at even a buck. I'd like to do half that in a yr. By the way I own some of ConAgra and that's why I purchased AMNT, it's going to 6, buy now and make a few bucks for the holidays. Remember Dell started at 11/16

      • Buy out?, two ways a buy out can help insiders. One, whole the stock and drive price as high as possible, Two - get bonuses when new company takes over -then again you may be out of work (but with a bit more money). With only 8 people in the company you may have only 5 not counting Pres, VP and AVP. Not sure are the 5 saleman / women or on paper???.