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  • tedj57 tedj57 Apr 20, 2008 8:15 AM Flag

    Company poorly run

    Fiber bars are made with oats. They are in very tight supply. Organic Farmers have no need to be Organic now. There are actually shortages in oats what a time to introduce a new product. Pasta is the same way the market is at a high that has never been seen in 47 years. By introducing new products it just means more free cases to the stores. Believe me that is the only way you get in. It also takes many months to stock they are called resets. The free case deductions usually do not show up as a deduction for several months after that this is a hype the the stock because in start-up mode you never know were your sales really are. They have to much debt to be a hit. On one side they compete against the heavy hitters and on the other side they compete against the family run specialty companies. They just dont fit. They are collecting big salaries and dont have a clue

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    • 45 plus million shares outstanding, and NO trade of the stock reported this morning?

    • A few clarifications:

      1. I have a small interest in this company. I recognize it is a purely speculative play, but it's a very small interest.

      2. I post under my one profile. It's not worth posting under multiple profiles, when you and others can't dispute my questions from one profile.

      3. I'm fairly certain that there are MANY people that have questions about this company.

      4. I think this company could be successful if the "leadership" team was changed, and a real marketer put in place. Lose Skinner, Trengen, and the marketers. Bring in a team with experience launching products (not managing existing systems), change the product mix to higher margin, invest in trial and repeat with the existing distribution. Cut overpaid salaries. Look to sell the company in 3 years.

      5. I am not paid to comment on this or any stock. Bashers just say, "this is bad." I've asked you many valid questions about the company, direction, and operations. You just respond with juvenile comments about my mother.

      6. I am also fairly certain you are an insider. Several people have indicated you are Trengen, but I'm not certain. Regardless, you should disclose your participation in the company.

    • So you don't like this guy Scott Fraiser and because of that ev ery time you get a newsletter from him, instead of dilligently reading it for what you call worthless cacca anywy, why not delete it and save yourself the aignst? Pretty odd that you have no vested interest in the stock, yet you come here and are apparently very strongly against this company and maybe its owners. Why would you waste your time if there is no vested(non short) financial interest unless you are a short who is negative for the purpose of creating a picture of doom and gloom to try to push the price lower, or are paid a salary to haunt various co mb's as either a pumper or basher, what ever way the brokerage firm is pushing the stock, or you could just be spiteful.

    • Not paid.
      And not a basher.

      You can thank your business partner, Scott Fraser, for the negativity on this forum. People are tired of getting his newsletters in the mail. It is snail mail spam. Ever stock that Fraser touts goes south and nose dives to pennies on the dollar.

      You paid him a lot of money to pump your company and stock.


    • No's called Karma

    • Pinks!

    • ANYONE THAT PUTS MONEY INTO THIS STOCK IS (FACTLESS) you might as well burn your money -or stand on a corner and hand out 10 dollar bills, you might just help someone.
      This stock is dead,dead,dead!!!!