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  • tonytekno tonytekno Oct 7, 2008 4:46 AM Flag

    Is this a good time and price to buy ?

    I don't know a lot about this company but it seems that the only way to lose money at this price (0.08 to 0.10) is if they go bankrupt. Surely in a few months there would be a few hundred percent gain here.

    People still gotta eat regardless of the market meltdown

    Any comments will be much appreciated.....

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    • There are about 45 million shares out there, owned by somebody. The total market cap at 6 pennies is only about $2.5 million. And at one time the market cap was more in the range of $150 million!! Today only 9,000 shares traded, so I assume there is very little interest in selling nor in buying? This company will likely become delisted soon. I have not seen a financial statement in a very long time? I assume some inventory is still being sold?

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      • What a shame. Was likely a viable company.
        I recently discovered a source for Amish butter and cheese at a roadside stand and its excellent quality and I happily pay double of the commercial versions.

        To put things in perspective look at RTP down from $600 to $60 a share in weeks and its a fine company.

        Real reason for economic problems is that islam has taken $15 Trillion out of the west as a JIZYA on nonmuslims. They plan to use this wealth to destroy western civilization.
        Google jizya and learn before we all become slaves or worse.

    • While I take umbredge with boorish comments, remember a fool and their money are soon parted. This co has nothing to offer. Product tastes good but with no marketing plan other than to get shelf space, no strong sales program, one shouldnt waste their spare change. As much as I hate it, this was is a bust. Take the write off on your taxes and move on

    • This only interests me because I live within miles of the so-called headquarters of this company. I note an insider officer, David C. Skinner, sold 750,000 shares on Sept 10 of this year @ 12 cents = $90,000. Somebody literally wrote a check for nearly a hundred thousand dollars!! BUT this insider still has millions of shares left in this company. With the number of shares outstanding, an investor could buy millions of shares and still only own a very, very small percentage of the total. Recall how Geraldine Ferraro, VP, candidate of yesteryear got herself in trouble by disclosing to the press she only owns 1 (one) share of stock in a real estate company--but press found out the company had only 2 (two) total shares issued and outstanding!! So she owned 50%--fairly big difference, but totally accurate representation.

      A few years ago a company like this finally did a 10 to 1 stock split. This obviously increased the number of shares outstanding by a factor of ten. But locals still sold their shares and bought for the same price as prior to the split. Sellers knew, but buyers didn't that same price is really only 1/10 of the prior value. Sad indeed. Keep your good day jobs!!! Run from the scammers.

      "Moron" signing off for now--cheerio to all.

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      • Thanks for your input guys (& Gals ?)

        It was just an idea to buy as I couldn't make a lot of sense of the history of the company as posted on this message board. Your comments made it clearer for me when I read back through the last few months posts. I'll stay well clear.

        btw, After losing a bit panic selling NTGR yesterday morning, I finally went all in on CHCG

        Good luck

    • Read the history.....they will be bankrupt soon!!!!!piss-pore management and greedy ceo's have drug this company down. i bought in at $2.43 only months ago and they have been on a dramatic decline since.
      also, there are alot of very shady characters in this joing, some who've served time.

      good luck.

    • By far MOST companies that fail don't go bankrupt. They just become insolvent and go away quietly--nix left to fight about. If a company has lots of assets over which secured creditors could argue, then bankruptcy is a prescribed way to liquidate--not just first come first serve. In case of Am Naturals, I assume the asset base is minimal? So just closing the doors would likely be the final step. As to investing in the stock, if the company evaporates then shareholders are far down the priority list of unsecured stakeholders-in fact, nearly a certainty to be off the charts.

      Yes, people will continue to eat noodles--with or without a Holmesville noodle outlet.

      Some fellow on this blog will likely dub my response as the babbling of a moron--so be it.

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      • I completely agree with your assessment and no doubt Bone-head will have some half-witted comment as this stock and company continues to circle the drain.

        To be blunt, the only "moron" on this link has been him, but he has been identified as such for quite some time now, to the point where whatever he says is ignored by rational people.

        This company seems to be on life support. Buying any of the stock at this point is WAY too risky, even at 8 cents.