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  • lawmiller05 lawmiller05 Oct 9, 2008 7:12 AM Flag

    Is this a good time and price to buy ?

    This only interests me because I live within miles of the so-called headquarters of this company. I note an insider officer, David C. Skinner, sold 750,000 shares on Sept 10 of this year @ 12 cents = $90,000. Somebody literally wrote a check for nearly a hundred thousand dollars!! BUT this insider still has millions of shares left in this company. With the number of shares outstanding, an investor could buy millions of shares and still only own a very, very small percentage of the total. Recall how Geraldine Ferraro, VP, candidate of yesteryear got herself in trouble by disclosing to the press she only owns 1 (one) share of stock in a real estate company--but press found out the company had only 2 (two) total shares issued and outstanding!! So she owned 50%--fairly big difference, but totally accurate representation.

    A few years ago a company like this finally did a 10 to 1 stock split. This obviously increased the number of shares outstanding by a factor of ten. But locals still sold their shares and bought for the same price as prior to the split. Sellers knew, but buyers didn't that same price is really only 1/10 of the prior value. Sad indeed. Keep your good day jobs!!! Run from the scammers.

    "Moron" signing off for now--cheerio to all.

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    • Thanks for your input guys (& Gals ?)

      It was just an idea to buy as I couldn't make a lot of sense of the history of the company as posted on this message board. Your comments made it clearer for me when I read back through the last few months posts. I'll stay well clear.

      btw, After losing a bit panic selling NTGR yesterday morning, I finally went all in on CHCG

      Good luck