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  • smokedlobster smokedlobster May 9, 2012 1:12 PM Flag

    I suppose I should be flattered...

    I received yet another proxy form, along with another lame appeal from 'The Don', Cleghorn. That's the fourth one from CP.

    And this one was sent priority post....Even more of my money being embezzled and wasted on currying my vote, which of course they will never get.

    But who cares? As they say, 'Spend it now --- you can't take it with you'. Right Don?

    Pass the Chateau Lafitte, and let's vote on those 'Special Resolutions' once again....

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    • Omg - I was going to post the exact same thing minus the Chateau Lafitte bit. Right on.

      It goes in the trash.

      As usual lawyers are the only ones getting much from this.

      I have half a mind to send it all back postage due. But that's too much effort...

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      • Colorado: Mr. Green walks away with $17.6 million, so he's doing much better than the lawyers.

        If you think about it, Fred probably wasn't very motivated or incentivized to really concentrate on his job and stress over stuff, knowing what waiting for him with even failure. I guess that's why he was such an easy-going, likeable guy at all the manager meetings.

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