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  • smokedlobster smokedlobster Jan 19, 2013 4:45 PM Flag

    What if...?

    What if CP manages to somehow, despite the sheer, manifest impossibility of it, get through the next 3 months? Trains departing Vancouver, and all of them ---- heck, even just most of them! ---- reaching Calgary? What would the ominiscient rail prophets say then? That would be the last of the glib, empty-suit prophecies of doom, up in smoke.

    What then? Would it be best to bring in the "Fred Green must have just been on the cusp" narrative? Or would "Harrison must clearly pushing the envelope of safety, and leaning on his workers so badly that it's just a matter of time before there's a widespread revolt" be the more self-serving angle?

    Personally, I'm surprised there hasn't yet been more made of his flying in his own private jet. A 'big' (...ha ha, I know....) Canadian rag tried to pump up that canard back when he was at CN, in the late innings of his adding over $20 billion in Enterprise it turns out, the rent on the jet appeared paltry to everyone who helped pay for it (including me) --- it was just the rag's intrepid mudslinger who "cared". far so good. Or bad, depending on your bias.

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    • Message board gremlins...?.....

    • So, at least one analyst at JP Morgan (caveat: IMO, analyst opinions aren't often worth much) has just written a report saying that CP has indeed just finished a very good operating winter...while CN had many "weather-related difficulties" and operational issues. (I assume he at least has factual information right....).

      So much for letting country-club finance types opine and set "self-evident truths" on the "structural limitations" of a railroad.

      He's Hunter Harrison, beyoches.....and he's the best dam railroader there ever was.

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