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  • smokedlobster smokedlobster Apr 4, 2013 10:21 PM Flag

    The good ol' days..

    It seems like it was eons ago now...our society is such an ADD-addled, mindless maw of factoids and sound bites and Youtube clips. But we in the English-speaking world (it probably translates into others, too) used to have a quip of wisdom: " no sense crying over spilled milk". It was a moral of staying focused on a goal, not being distracted or disillusioned by an unfortunate outcome en route to some bigger achievement. Of course, that was back when we had the attention span and the work ethic much greater than that of a deadbeat squirrel.

    But now we've been reduced to crying --- no, weeping uncontrollably ---- over a bit of spilled oil. The same oil we've been completely addicted to since World War 1 -- -not exactly a new fad. China spills more oil in their storm sewers every hour every day....they're too busy eating our lunch and taking their place at the top to cry.

    You want something to cry over? Try our lack of any economic future. For being a complete bunch of mindless eco#$%$.

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