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  • smokedlobster smokedlobster Jun 29, 2013 7:57 AM Flag

    A Few thoughts on this Calgary bridge collape...

    1) The situation was remedied incredibly fast and professionally. The cars were emptied above the flood-stage river without any spillage, and they were pulled back onto land. Pretty incredible piece of work, if anyone had bothered to notice. Of course, the media was palpably disappointed, as they were all geared up to cover a disaster, AND a great show: a wildly popular, loose-cannon politician spewing venom against the evil, rich, American rail could taste the news Emmy! (or whatever it is that Canada has...)

    2) The mayor of Calgary --- riding a wave of personal adulation over his overall handling of this issue, and probably pretty exhausted too --- made comments, without any facts or ideas, outright accusing CP of having an inadequate number of inspectors due to recent layoffs. He even said, when he was about to say it, that "he would probably get into trouble for saying this"..... (your 'temporary insanity' defense just went out the window, buddy).

    Pretty crass and opportunistic of a mayor with bigger problems on his hands. Of course, the entire city has prioritized putting off a big party ahead of the needs of those truly devastated by the flood, so you can see some signs that rational thought hasn't yet returned to a place still in shock

    His comments turn out to be 100% wrong, that no track inspectors were laid off, that ramped-up inspections were going on ever since the flood, and that the only limitation to those inspections was the fact that no one could inspect underwater yet. Of course, if any inspector or contractor had been drowned trying to do that, the Mayor undoubtedly would have castigated "greedy CP" for it, so it's pretty much no-win. If you're going to criticize any major city employer, you'd better have your facts straight...otherwise, it's slander and defamation. Your citizens' tax money should go to more productive things than settllng lawsuits.

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