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  • benz11271 benz11271 Jul 17, 2009 5:58 AM Flag

    Should HKFI Acquire SSVE? What do you guys think?

    it might make sense for HKFI to own SSVE as it will reduce costs for customer service, technical support and back-office work with its centers in the Philippines. I bought a few shares of SSVE just in case, it seems very undervalued. What do you guys think about the potential for a deal?

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    • hancockfabric Aug 2, 2009 10:57 PM Flag

      It would make better sense for HKF to get their collective heads out of their asses. Sales continue to head south and from what I have heard, the only up district is chicago where Eversmann dumped the visionary DM because he, the February assigned RVP couldn't work with him for the first half of his year and the new Susan babe made a shot from the hip decision. I met the new tub of lard replacement for the guy in Chicago. Actually, she was a dumped home economist. The threat is close down Chicago. Mississippi Mud Pie between the ears. Where did Jane go? Let's all meet in Baldwyn for he next few days and plan the BS for Fall, that's what the DM's are doing with two Dave's and a Clay. The other rumor is the Clay Stallings is being considered the next casualty. Let's dump all of the bright lights in the company and do it the Border's taking out any worthwhile talent in lieu of the ass kissers and those afraid to tell the truth when asked.

      Acquisition?? Sure, and let's see HKFI buy Joanne's too.

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