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  • juryman07 juryman07 Nov 6, 2007 4:36 AM Flag

    Bush's War + Pelosi's Cowardice = Deficits

    for as far out as the eye can see.
    Couple that with the Federal Reserve which
    will postpone the recession until 2007 with
    more drops in interest rates and billions
    more of printed money and what do you get?

    You get Silver up to $22-$24, Gold at $1000
    and the dollar down another 10% in six months.

    Buying Silver, Gold, Oil, EUROs and
    Canadian Dollars are recommended on the website
    I like most. They've been saying this for
    months and it's all in public view.

    TigerSoft's Power Ranking software easily lets
    you compare industry groups, get automatic Buys and Sells
    on the groups and find the most tightly held and
    Accumulated stocks in a group.

    Right now, Gold is #1. Buy IAU, AZS. EGI, GLD, ABX,
    SLW, SSRI. There is nothing on the horizon to alter
    the dyanamics favoring rising silver and gold prices.

    The Fed will lower rates to avoid a recession BEFORE
    the next Presidential Election. That's what they do!
    And that will make the fdollar go down and down some
    more. If there is a run on the dollar, as is becoming
    more and more likely, metals are our best bet.

    This is not idle talk. TigerSoft's Insider-Watch software
    shows that more and more smart big money are accepting
    this outlook. Visit The guy who
    started this is old but a Columbia University Ph.D. with
    40 years experience on and off Wall Street.

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