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  • happiesthihosilveraway happiesthihosilveraway Jul 6, 2008 2:07 PM Flag

    why monetizing debt thru currency creation is a must

    this time it is different. VS. 20 yrs ago, the monetization of debt now must be immense, like never seen before. DOLLARS and other currencies must be created to avoid a deflationary depression last 10-15-20 yrs.
    soon wages will begin chasing prices. analysts claim gold must be over 2000 to equate with the previous high in 1980 of 850. after the currency creators finish, gold may need to be well over 5000. and silver, well again i have said it before, HOW HIGH IS UP? that is how high silver can go.
    why are the silver shorts not concerned at todays prices. it is because these bullion banks have so much money at their disposal to
    pressure the market -- in the futures market and slv(the paper markets). naked shorting slv should be illegal and probably is.
    which leads to the bottom line, the launching pad for silver will be cemented in demand that depletes supplies at the comex. currenly 136 million ounces are held at the comex. when this number goes under 100 million ounces, the rocket launch in silver will begin.
    there are so many positive factors for silver, no need to restate.
    the only negative factor is the ability of the big 4 or 8 trades to use all the capital necessary to price suppress the market. those who are long have to stay long the spot month in delivery and take actual possession thru forced delivery. when this is done, 50.00 silver will just be a point that the train passes on its way to triple digit prices.

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