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  • gomezaddams1 gomezaddams1 May 25, 2011 6:06 PM Flag

    LOL! Come fellows

    aren't you getting ahead of yourselves.

    Sure, all this indecision and still no clear direction but more confusion.

    Whats Friggin crazy is that this looks more and more like the the Congress has been walking all over these markets leave chit piles everywhere they have been.


    So, until a clear direction can be called this ones remains in a down trend.

    Remember, flat tops make for big drops.

    Personally, Looks like you fellows have seen the top today and a clear reversal will be set in the coming days still looking for some kind of confirmation and not seeing one makes me think we will be visiting 34's and 33's before another run for the 20's

    Sure, was a bit costly though today, not because the trend was broken but because the clowns came out and forced the weaker hands out!

    I'll give you fellows that but its been costly for every one Long or Short.

    Memorial Day weekend will be ever more interesting but we have to allow for 07.01.11 and 08.08.11 confirmations with the national debt crap and everyone knows if this congress continues the mess will and can get much worse.

    With states soon to release their debts and muni's UP maybe we will see several states heading the way for the PIIGS with any hope this should teach the congress that children should never be elected to public office.

    So, lets see how this game of Chicken turns out!


    37 resting here on a dime at the stops!


    Huge Spread for a game of Chicken, considering the situation you Longs actually have more to lose!

    Still, we must not forget all the Geo Economics looming making matters worse the EU has many more cogs in the web of madness and the UK is far from recovery and now add India and Brazil back into the quagmire of Emerging Markets with China's madness already sending Australasia looking air!

    Nope, I've made my play and am not in a hurry to call it quits.

    Today, you fellows Fkill the gap at


    and its a long way from here to


    and the slope favors my trades.

    Max top for you fellows


    max bottom for me



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