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  • keynesian_specialist keynesian_specialist Nov 5, 2011 11:24 PM Flag

    What rhymin's ilk are really worried about.


    The rise of the resource-driven economy directly threatens the IP based economy (intellectual property) which private equity and monopoly capital wish to protect at all costs. The ascendance of gold and silver beyond a repository for inflationary dollars threatens the entire financial system, especially cartel capitalists.

    Regardless of how high PM's go, so long as the dollar devalues, many governments - and possibly oligarchs and their corporations - will insist on converting devalued paper to specie, or insist on being paid in gold for oil and other commodities.

    Guess who will resist? The private banks of the Federal Reserve of course. The grand projections for gold and silver may yet be true, but there will be a battle grand to get there. Remember that the machine already has its working model. When $50 billion in teacher's pensions funds needs a home (for example) they cannot invest that money in gold or silver without buggering up these small markets.
    Meanwhile, massive sums have been printed by Ben and the boys and handed out to their friends in private and public equity... and all that paper needs a place to go. Look at Groupon. What do these financial parasites really acccomplish? They don't manufacture anything, they don't produce anything. In the finanicalization of the economy there is no value add except to the greedy less-than-1% already adressed by this missive.

    To simplify this picture, if significant cogs in the existing money machine revolt and demand a new way to store value (old really, ie PM's) that entirely threatens the system that was established by the Money Trust in 1913.

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