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  • insider117 insider117 Mar 14, 2012 9:16 AM Flag

    Joe got his man

    What does a desperate man do when caught in a lie

    Finger is on the button!!!!!!

    Pass this on and make it viral.

    Everyone needs to see this.

    There is hope because the networks are reporting finally.

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    • The problem is that everyone responsible for investigating this is in on the fraud and nothing will be done just like the banking fraud.

      The government at the highest level has gone rouge.

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      • This entire experience, from the many missing files, various sealed records, abject lack of experience (for a 46 year old-who never had a real job) …… it was all bizarre. The self-victimized minority & “guilt” ridden majority together succeeded in putting an empty suited half black man in the Whitehouse.

        There will be angst, anger and civil unrest no matter how he is removed (lost election, impeachment, resignation).

        I do not think that he will step down, accepting responsibility for his actions, inactions and incompetence (as a narcissist, he believes that he is above the rules that apply to mere humans).

        Any assessment of responsibility toward him (like his endless blaming of those before him) will only further inflame the blind loyalists.

        Personally, I was not at all focused on the birth certificate but rather the inexperience when running, the emptiness when delivering anything but a prepared speech, the constant vague and / or carefully crafted dishonest statements he made & the endless pursuit of division (scapegoating, blamestorming, vilifying, rabblerousing).

        He has done so much damage while perpetrating the myth that he is a leader, it will push things back for some time to come (decades to undo the financial damage, civil rights will probably go back to the 1960’s state, etc). Our status in the world is as a joke, a paper tiger. He has perpetuated the pussification of our country (lead from behind indeed).

    • Obama Birth Certif proven FAKE

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