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  • extreme4reality extreme4reality May 15, 2012 9:45 AM Flag

    Look at that US Dollar Scream Higher

    We Americans should all be proud of the strong US Dollar.

    Smart folks are dumping stocks, oil, and silver and moving to the safety of the US dollar.

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    • canine15 May 15, 2012 11:04 AM Flag

      I would only be proud of a strong dollar if it were strong for the right reasons as it was during World War II and up until 1971 when Nixon defaulted on our dollar obligations to the world and detached our dollar completely from gold.

      We have since gone from being the greatest creditor and maufacturing nation in the world to the greatest debtor with the trade profile of a 19th century third world colony.

      Today our dollar is only "strong" when compared to the euro and other weakened currencies.

      Are you still proud?

    • OK I'll bite. How does that make them smart?

      Why would a smart person buy something ($'s) that is being produced in massive quantities with no restraint and virtually no cost to produce it? Bernanke won't come out and say it, but, in my opinion, a smart person can deduce from his actions that his goal is create inflation by increasing the money supply by any means at his disposal. His actions speak much louder than his words.

      I'll hold hard assets until there is some evidence that expansion of the money supply is over.

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      • When it comes to supporting high commodity prices, the only money supply that counts is the TRUE money supply. The true money supply is the money in consumer's wallets. It's the consumer that has to support high commodity prices, but consumers are broke - they aren't swimming in excess cash.

        We didn't print any dollars. The true money supply has been shrinking. Families have LESS cash now than they did 5 years ago.

        All the "excess" money you're talking about is simply in the books of banks who have the ability to loan, but aren't making loans.

        PS. Those who held the asset called real estate since since 2007, wish they had been holding dollars instead.

        pps. Those who held silver since $50 in April 2011, wish they had been holding dollars instead.

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