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  • jupiterspinning jupiterspinning Sep 9, 2012 11:53 PM Flag

    50% of Americans do not pay income tax, what does that tell you?


    Funny all the anti-union critics aren't too concerned about that? Someone who doesn't pay income tax earns too little to pay taxes. So where do all these profits at companies go? Walmart earned over $700 million in taxes; shareholders at Walmart earn a dividend every quarter. Some of the richest Americans are Walmart heirs. Thinks about that. Meanwhile taxpayers pick up the tab.

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    • American Companies to date are sitting on $4 Trillion Dollars from past profits ... its only a 15 or 16 trillion dollar economy. Add onto that offshore money and the rich all of this money is sequestered.

      Big Biz could take that money and expand and/or hand out bigger bonus awards to help kick start the economy when things improve cut back.

      Todays problems are not insurmountable if it weren't for the greed factor.

      Big biz doesn't want to fund pension and medical benefits and expects the government to do so.
      Well where is government going to get the money from if big biz doesn't want to pay the taxes needed to fund such efforts? A classic case of biz wanting its cake and eating it as well.

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    • "Walmart earned over $700 million in taxes." Since when does Walmart sell taxes, or receive tax money from the federal government?

      "Meanwhile taxpayers pick up the tab." Since when does Walmart receive money from the federal or state government, which get their money from taxpayers?

      Walmart profit margin 3.53% on 460.71 Billion in revenue AND pays dividends to the owners of the company (the shareholders) 2.2%

      Apple profit margin 26.97% on 148.81 Billion in revenue AND pays smaller dividends to the owners of the company (the shareholders) 1.6%

      Why aren't you complaining about Apple? Apple is keeping much more of the company profits for their owners than Walmart is.

      The cause of the problems in this country is NOT Walmart. The cause of the problems in this country is CONGRESS - who keeps spending too much money, which forces the money supply to be expanded, which has resulted in decades of wage supression and price inflation.

    • we need real wages to rise along with true inflation. Then we will have more taxes to collect. This is a medicinal effect of QE 1,2,3. The stock racket should boom, commodities should boom, and real wages whould boom=more taxe revenues. Only trouble, big business is holding back increase wages. They need to pay for lobbyiests to get their guys in so the cycle can start again. Makes me reconsider my ill thoughts towards unions.

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