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  • crippledballplayer crippledballplayer Sep 29, 2012 12:25 PM Flag

    USD and Silver

    You would be nice if posts were more realistic. I believe the USD will be worth much less in ten years than its worth today, but I reject the doomsday notion that it will be used as toilet paper. Come on people be realistic. BTW, Silver will not help you if the USD became worthless. A farm, far away from everything stocked with food, supplies and high powered weapons would be your best investment.

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    • Really what does the value of US$ got to do with anything????? If already went kaput once!! Every year some currency becomes worthless. It causes a lot of pain to a few and some pain to many but mostly it does nothing to most working people. When the currencies value goes down, wages go up and prices of goods go up. Even if it happens suddenly people still find ways to survive but thats harder.. Not many average people have large sums of cash invested as cash. Only cash loses its value. The H&S chart says US$ should have gone to 50 but it seems to have been kept up due to euro problems. But 70 is likely.. But Oil,. Gold etc would go way way up to make up.. The only people who want to make others believe that the US$ is worth something so they can use it as leverage to make money off them make a big deal of where the US$ or where the Euro or the Yen is trading! You really think if the US$ was at 90 right now, it would be worth more than if it was trading at 70???? You can say those bmw's would be a lot cheaper to buy.. BUT!!!... Does what ever makes you think the price of BMW's in euros would not go up??? In effect what you pay for that BMW would be high no matter its paid in Euro's or US$. Just like Oil went from $10 in 2000 to $100 in 12 years! Thats a 1000% price rise and the US$ only went from 120 to 80.. So if the US$ went to 160 would Oil go to $50?? Only for the short time the manipulators try to make money on the perception that the US$ is now worth more and in time even if the US$ went to 200 Oil still wont be $50 in another 5-10 years....

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      • i suspect oil prices will crash as the U$D continues its climb up. Dr, Copper will take pms with it..for a WHILE..often silver is rising WITH the usd-lately). Maybe back to its' "normal" range -$20.xx a brl.

        Oil prices will be KEPT low for US development of World class chemical, plastics industries that ARE moving back to US in WV_OH-KY)(dow,du point,etc to USE all the OIL and Natty gas reserves we NOW have.(thanks frackers) now larger than the MIDDLE east, 2nd only to Russian reserves, OUR Republic is RICH in oil and Natty gas!
        An OIL boom under a DEM president, thas different!

        Federal laws will have to be changed to allow EXPORT and reversing of pipelines.
        The Canadian "tar-sands" are NO longer feasible on pure economic grounds, and no need for keystone pipeline, that oil is NOT competitive with already found oil and Natty gas fields.(TX,OK, PA,OH,KY). The coal is not needed either, best left in the ground or exported.

        ALL that 'morman bizmen" coal of Utah, MT is NOT needed, as power plants are switching to Natty gas(see GE gets billion$ for natty gas power plant turbines). Some one sucked them into buying railroads, and mines of coal...that can not be used anymore. THERE IS NO CLEAN COAL-period. And it full of natural radiation, leave it in the ground for diamonds.

        Those who continue to parrot the anti american lines of the U$d is dead, are merely SCARED, and coin salesmen. They have terrified THEM-SELVES for others gains..fearful of the REAL world they babble on, w/out any knowledge of WHO or what forces are using them.(not just those selling physical).
        When they wake up and find they have--(been robbed and put on a political trip)-then, plenty of cheap silver bullets be flying back into the coin stores..
        Uncaring of the fables spread on its death, the U$D continues to climb in values, and all IMPORTS will much cheaper...
        I've gone long for 13 days...this time silver and GOLD will climb WITH the usd.
        cycle trading.

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      • and what would happen to the USD if it was no longer the US (petro) D ....... yes thats whats gonna happen. Saddam tried it.... he is dead now. Kadafi Tried it .Him too.... Dont worry. We will kill whoever it takes to keep the paper fiat up. But more downgrades in store and the USD will suffer. People will want to secure 10-20% in a tang asset that wont go to zero

    • jmoore1977 Sep 29, 2012 12:39 PM Flag

      Gold and silver would become a unit of account, like the dollar, but with much greater buying power than compared to the recent past. Money would still be wanted in daily transactions, and gold and silver are real money.

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