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  • jaysjazzy jaysjazzy Dec 18, 2012 4:32 PM Flag

    Sure Idiots There's A Shortage,

    That's the reason for the price decline. Happens all the time when there's a shortage of something, the price goes down.NOOOOTTTTTTTT What a bunch of J E R K S !!!

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    • there's a shortage and the banker prey on your perception. The create the illusion there's none because if you don't know there's a shortage your instinctual reaction to hoard anything goes out the window. If you see everyone buying gas your instinct is to buy gas right? it's human nature. All these years they've learned what make us tick. If we "believe" there's no shortage we won't go out and buy silver. Why do you think GLD and SLV were introduced into the market, in order to control your perception. If you want to be a sheep believe what you will, but you were warned and you will live with that fact. good luck.

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      • Concur...Shortages are developing and demand is increasing. Geithner halted the US Mint from fulfilling its inventory needs to continue coinage... of course this would cause silver to take a hit but the demand is still there and as shortages become more apparent price discovery will kick in....

        Already the Numismatic values for 2012 silver eagles will increase because of the limited number of coins that were produced. Price controls do not work.

        Don't waste your time with jay bird he is obviously blind biased. Witness all the out of stock items on the various coin dealer sites...

        Ask yourself this question how come 2013 Maple Leafs are available and 2013 American Silver Eagles aren't and won't be until mid january? Geithner might want to rethink his position once he realizes Treasury makes big bucks off the (huge) premiums of american silver eagles.

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      • Nice TRY! Ever hear ABOUT SUPPLY & DEMAND? All products wanted & needed go DOWN in price, Completely LAUGHABLE!!!!
        Silver going to the 25 area, Wait until the stop losses engage, TIMBER.

    • Yes you are

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