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  • rddr2022 rddr2022 Dec 31, 2012 12:00 PM Flag

    do whatever it takes to pay off NATIONAL DEBT!

    or Keep putting more debt on your children 's shoulder so you can have a life of luxury!

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    • 30 years of royal oil wars, can not be 'paid off', nor the interest. either a new international basket of currencies, OR (and i doubt they have the guts to do this; a MORATORIUM on DEBT for 10-20 years, as Hamilton DID in our Revolutions to allow manufacturing to grow.
      Either hold t-bills w/NO interest for 10-20 years OR get nothing. We did it before,and can do it again, IF broke so american nations can; (moratorium on debt) we can too.

      IF ecos or tea-party are deployed against-our manufacturing, yr royal nation or Chinese Republic will NOT get anything.
      Either way, now or in the future the war debts will be paid, and our citizens have learned the costs of royal oil wars on our Republic. Maybe think twice when war mongers yelp again, One can HOPE.

      Or they'll pay it off ala vietnam war--Lord Kissinger paid them 40 Billions in 1995 dollars not the 1975 U$D rate...a double/triple of costs for the rest of us, to pay off in worth-less U$D. Those Royal agents will NOT pay for their oil wars, forget even asking, they demand YOU pay for it,"cuts" keep in mind bp(owned by the brit crown) and royal shell got the 50 year oil leases in Iraq, the U.S, got the costs, the dead the wounded and the wrecked twisted economy.
      war is not cheap, and tax cuts while in two wars, showed massive stupidity, now you must pay for their wars, and cuts as demanded by the brit queen (up jump the neo tories on her orders), wont do it. (It's a brit trick to hamsring the U.S. economy-yr car wont start? cut off the tires.)
      happy new year,
      silver/AU either in a trend change OR to crash until summer... staying in the (rising trend) U$D until it shows direction for new year.
      took profits on AGQ.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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