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  • jupiterspinning jupiterspinning Jan 13, 2013 4:36 PM Flag

    Commercials covered 20 millions oz short position last week


    Commercials equals almost half the market for silver.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Were are you getting your info ? I looked up Short interest on SLV and it seems they only covered 1.1 mil shares of the added 5 mil short. Which is pretty amazing .. Because we were going down as they covered. Seems like SLV has either a lot of weak longs OR Naked selling of shares on the long side and then Shorting the chit out of the short side to continue to keep it going up and also to push it lower. You see as long as people play in the BS Game they will continue to Screw all you long holders over. And while doing so they make silver cheaper to buy... So go ahead and keep playing the sucker game .. I will continue to enjoy Cheap silver for as long as it lasts....

      I dont pretend to know when it will all start to resolve simply because nobody can get REAL INFO On just how much above ground silver is being stored by JPM And #$%$ Associates ... But If we continue to buy Silver at a 49 to 1 pace or higher of gold and the ratio as it comes out of the ground is 9 to 1 then eventually we wont have enough silver to sell and supply wont be close to enough to demand... It will happen one day...But when is the real Question ?

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