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  • smokeskull smokeskull Jan 25, 2013 3:05 PM Flag

    That is one ugly looking chart, which is funny to me.

    Whenever I see silver get hit like this, I don't think hyperinflation is suddenly not going to happen. I only think the COMEX is going to die, or some bank is going to default on silver deliveries. It in no way makes me confident in stocks, bonds, paper money or the system. It does the exact opposite.

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    • you guys are all so stupid its comical. Not a single one of you has any grasp on what you are doing. Just leave your 401Ks with the mutual funds.

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      • You're a total farking d-bag....haven't seen you make one post of any value. All you do is sling insults. Hope it makes you feel better.

      • Hey so far so good on CRUS. got stopped out of silver for the moment, so gotta reeavaluate to when to go long or wait a bit kind of big drop in just 2 days , but long term (weeks/months) looks good

      • Yep I am stupid as I made 700% on my precious metals investing!
        So in 12 years thats what for a return stupid?Thats over 58% yearly!
        Show me where the avg 401k averaged even close to that?
        The stupid one is you!
        I have made more on my other non stock non precious metals investing then that so get up earlier to get ahead of that!So b4 you call someone stupid you better know it for a fact!Stpid is our government and government workers!Soon all those retiree beni's will all be worthless!
        Gold silver and hard assets will be key!
        All paper in the end will burn or crumble or deteriorate!
        In the end I will come out on top!
        Food guns equipment gold silver and a non ending supply of resources!
        All covered!!!!!!!!!!!

      • is self directed, and well diversified. It has some PM in it, luckily (I say now) it is much heavier in equities, bit of bonds, other commodities, etc. They have more than made up for the flat performance of PM in the last two years. While some could argue PM really made some profit since 2000, very few of those people will say they had everything in PM.

        So I am agreeing johnson...I say diversify investments. And I doubt any others on this board commenting on 401k's even have one for a point of reference.

        that said, bought a tweak more PM related today in my 401k...with profits from my equities :)

    • Actually, the 5 year chart for silver and gold are constructive for a rally. A near 2 year consolidation is still in place. Each sell off is low volume. The chart is very bullish, though it seems to be misinterpreted by many. It is very strong.

    • They have been hitting the metals on a regular bases. There is no stock market. There are a bunch of thieves pushing up and then pulling the rug out of different items. The pigs make a lot of money but everyone else is screwed. Yesterday they claimed that unemployment claims dropped a lot. New claims were less but that does not mean old claims were not renewed or lots of people lost their jobs but they had not earned enough to collect. Our system is imploding and their is little that can be done. They stated huge withdraws from fix income but the rates did not increase. How is that possible unless the federal reserve has increased their purchase of bonds? The dollar is in decline hidden from view because all fiat money is also in decline.

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      • Thats why they like these 401k's!
        They rob them like a piggy bank!
        When they say the stock market loses big money its the 401k's that are the losers and the wall street bankers are the benificiaries!Total crock of bull!

      • Recall on Wednesday afternoon the PMs fell. I think insiders were told that Thursday morning's job report was going to be (seasonally adjusted) rosy looking. I bet that between now and Wednesday, you will see PMs rebound. Thursday's job report will re-state yesterdays (show more initial claims) and that the new report will definitely show initial claims higher than yesterday's print. BLS is gaming the employment numbers; and insiders are using that gaming to help game the PM numbers.

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