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  • shiggihs73 shiggihs73 Feb 1, 2013 3:20 PM Flag

    Proof That Ext4r is Inept and a Liar (Excellent Analysis)

    See below a VERY short list of Ext4r’s lies, misinformation, and wildly erroneous predictions:

    - Said the global economic slowdown will cause oil to crash to $30 and silver to $8 or less (the world economy is reflecting concrete signs of improvement, and Ext4r’s god-awful predictions can now be confirmed to be grossly inaccurate)
    - Said a Gaza cease-fire would topple silver, didn’t happen
    - Said fiscal cliff will send the US into another recession and cause silver to crash (didn’t happen)
    - Uses the dollar index to support his statement that the dollar is higher in value now than 2008, yet the dollar index does not measure the dollar’s value as compared to itself over time, it measures the dollar against OTHER CURRENCIES. I don’t care much what the dollar gets me in other countries, I CARE WHAT THE DOLLAR GETS ME IN THE US, AND THAT IS CLEARLY LESS
    - Said silver crashed to $8 in the last election and it “always crashes in elections” (well it sure didn’t in this one)
    - Said silver would crash in 2012, silver was up 9% in 2012
    - On December 18th said a “major crash is coming”, yet we’re higher now than we were then
    - Said “fiscal cliff is a commodities demand cliff”, yet January 2013 saw all-time high demand
    - On January 5th this year, said Silver Eagle sales had been pathetic so far. 2013 Eagles weren’t even released until January 7th, and quickly sold out….TWICE
    - Said oil had topped out when it was in the mid $80’s, it ‘s now pushing to break $100
    - Said $26 won’t hold, it did, several times and doesn’t appear likely to be tested again anytime soon
    - Said industrial demand is crashing. While 2012 may have seen a slight dip in industrial demand for silver, 2013 growth is expected to make up for any declines in 2012, and the Silver Institute projects all-time high industrial demand for silver in 2014 (easily confirmable)
    - Said silver investor demand is crashing. January saw the most Silver Eagles sold in nearly 30 years, and silver ETF#$%$ all-time high tonnages in January
    - Said silver in smart phones is easily recycled, yet only 10% of unused cell phones actually get recycled according to the EPA
    - Said China is dumping gold and silver, yet one doesn’t have to look far to see that China has recently shifted from a net exporter of both silver and gold to a net importer of both materials. On January 25th, the Wall Street Journal published an article discussing the increased investment demand for silver in China, and the expectation for this demand to continue to grow robustly. Numerous financial journals have reported a firm and increasing industrial demand for silver in China, and the improving global economy will only stimulate this demand. China imported about 100 tons of gold in 2010, 350 tons in 2011, and 500 tons in 2012. They’re also investing in gold and silver miners. Doesn’t sound like they’re dumping it to me.
    - Said mining costs are plummeting. Cost inflation in the mining sector is expected to intensify over the next several years, due to a number of factors, including labor, energy, ore grades, currencies, increasing complexity, etc. We have already seen some mines shutting down projects and shuttering mines due to cost control issues and low metal prices
    - Said carbon is a better conductor of electricity than silver (yes, seriously) and carbon would substitute for silver in solar panel manufacturing
    - Said $26.xx was the top, it wasn’t
    - Said $27.xx was the top, it wasn’t
    - Said $28.xx was the top, it wasn’t
    - Said $29.xx was the top, it wasn’t
    - Said $30.xx was the top, it wasn’t
    - Said panic is worsening, but fundamentals continue to point to higher silver prices and it’s clear based on his ever-increasing posting rate that Ext4r is the one panicking

    I could, of course, GO ON……AND ON……AND ON…….

    Ext4r has been incessantly posting lies and misinformation on the SLV board for two years now, and SILVER PRICES ARE HIGHER NOW THAN WHEN HE STARTING BASHING SILVER.

    Ext4r will continue to go on and on with these ridiculous posts without regard to how foolish he looks or what actually happens with silver prices (he will be spouting the same nonsense when silver hits all-time highs)

    Ext4r posted all of his ZSL purchases starting from when silver was in the low-to-mid $20’s, and continued to chase it as silver rode it’s way all the way up to $50. BASED ON HIS OWN POSTS, he has incurred enormous losses.

    Ext4r has proven that he is only out to promote his own agenda.

    Do YOU trust anything Ext4r has to say? How can ANYONE have even an iota of respect for someone who literally wastes their entire life away on a message board slinging mistruths? Are YOU looking to have your portfolio pulverized like he did?

    Long and strong and continuously stacking,

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