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  • keeve06 keeve06 Feb 11, 2013 9:42 PM Flag

    Why are web site that promote silver being attacked?

    First it was king world news and now its sgt report...

    What is the purpose and really when you think about it why would any community, agency, government, or economic system care if silver doubled or tripled. I just don't get it...

    Diamonds per volume are far more valuable than metals and are priced high and present no threat to todays economy -

    Housing at one time was the best asset to preserve one wealth from the effects of inflation and wasn't considered as a threat...

    so why would silver and gold be any different?

    Any thoughts?

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    • When you are an arrogant hebrew criminal trapped in a ponzi scheme, honest trading that takes advantage of you and exposes you seems like a personal attack. They literally think the free market is just a couple people attacking them personally. So they must retaliate.

    • found discussions saying the attack was malware detection software (Norton in this case), just blocking the site because it had reports of it (King World) having maleware running. Hence it was blocked (attacked ?)

      Might be true, might not, got me.

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      • "This "attack" on King World News is ongoing, but as THIS LINK to NortonSecurity shows, there is no malware on the site. Just click the "Ignore this warning" or "Go to site anyway" buttons to get past the blocking pages that come up as a result of Google's Malware database containing incorrect info about KWN. I also click the Firefox button saying "This is NOT a malware site."

        I'm starting to wonder if Google itself isn't in on this. By now, they should have been able to determine that whoever reported KWN as a malware site is screwing with KWN"

    • who says they were attacked? They likely did it to themselves to gain sympathy and to make excuses for pumping silver to folks at high prices just before prices crash.

    • JPM inherited a massive short position from Bear Sterns. It was basically forced by the govt. So now the govt is helping them in return but forcing the price of silver lower so they can slowly cover. It's real and its the truth.

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      • I would tend to agree with that but for one SMALL / HUGE Problem.... The short interest decreases then INCREASES... So That throws out that statement... My THought is all Governments want and like CHEAP Silver... For now anyways... So they can get their Grubby greedy hands on as much of the real supply as possible... We are seeing almost all Currencies become inflated with to much currency per capital and we are also seeing many nations buy extreme amounts of gold and silver then ever before.

        Also Lets not forget one thing... SILVER EAGLES BY LAW has to be made by AMERICA SUPPLY.. Why we have seen Supply shortages in eagles.... We arent mining enough and for certain if the silver price goes to cheap the mines here in the US will lose money.... Most likely why we are seeing the higher premiums now . Silver can go lower but to buy the eagles its still close to 35 bucks an oz. I also noticed OLD Englehart bars also arent coming down much in price ... Most likely because they don't make them any more but also holding a high premium.

        I Suspect that we will be seeing another Record breaking month and year as more and more people stack silver and less people believe in their governments...

        All of them are once again on a record pace of printing MORE MONEY... And what Americans better realize is once the Dollar loses World status you will have 100 Times more money floating in the system that only will be used by America and not the rest of the world.

        We Showed our True colors as soon as we told Germany they have to wait for their gold for 7 to 10 years.... WOW Talk about revealing your hand.... Also Japan wont be buying anymore of our Dollar . They are in the crapper and now cant help themselves. Dollar / WE are TOAST...

        KEEP STACKING....

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