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  • ext4r ext4r Feb 12, 2013 1:12 AM Flag

    Real US Dollar Money Supply is Shrinking (printing is myth)

    When it comes to supporting high commodity prices, the only money supply that counts is the REAL money supply.

    The REAL money supply is the cash in consumer's wallets. It's the consumer that has to support high commodity prices, but consumers are broke - they aren't swimming in excess cash. We didn't actually print any dollars.

    The real money supply has been shrinking. Families have fewer jobs and LESS cash now than they had 5 years ago. All the "excess" money that silver pumpers talk about is simply digits on the books of banks who have the ability to loan, but aren't making loans. Consumers are HURTING for cash, not swimming in cash. That's why consumer demand for commodities is dropping, and why prices will continue to crash.

    PS. Those who held the asset called real estate since since 2007, wish they had been holding dollars instead.

    PPS. Those who held silver since near $50 in April 2011, wish they had been holding dollars instead.

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