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  • silverbars silverbars Feb 15, 2013 11:39 AM Flag

    Physical Flying off the Shelves

    Just over the past two days APMEX has sold 70+ thousand ounces of silver eagles alone, plus untold tonnes of bars and rounds. As one of the Mint's authorized dealers, they are now selling about 1/4 of the eagles issued by the Mint. With the mint rationing their production it appears that any unpurchased allocations offered to any of the other dozen authorized dealers is being immediately scooped up by APMEX.

    Even little start-ups like Chris Duane's silverbullet/silversheild is generating huge sales volumes. The "Freedom Girl" medallion that went on sale 2 1/2 weeks ago already has orders for over 50,000 rounds. That along with the "Slave Queen" medallion at 45,000 ounces in sales is about 3 tonnes of silver out the door.

    All that the Banksters accomplish in their paper take-down is to create a faster drain of available physical. It seems the paper speculators will never learn that they can't beat an opponent who has access to a printing press. The game will end only when the physical cupboard runs dry and paper sellers can't deliver to the demands of the physical buyers.

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