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  • jupiterspinning jupiterspinning Feb 17, 2013 1:47 PM Flag

    Lack of QE has caused silver to drop from $50 to $29


    The reason silver dropped was because it was overbought and had to correct to its mean. There was no QE because silver would have gone into a massive bubble and gas prices would have got too high so they stopped QE.

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    • On the Friday going into the May day weekend Asia and Europe would be closed a massive sell order was entered. The size of the order would make it bigger than one nation so it would've all central bankers. At the same time they stole the accounts thousands of small businessmen who had their accounts with MF global. Two years later and trillions of federal Reserve printed money they have just forced silver to only a seven hundred times increased since the year two thousand. Silver was 4.25 in 2000 and just under 30 Friday. I am not a happy camper but I think we have just watched the end of the might central bankers, Our founding fathers warned about central bankers. A warned that almost. Destroyed our nation for not following.
      The world will be much better place after they dump the Central bankers.

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