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  • idealcarpentry idealcarpentry Feb 21, 2013 12:31 PM Flag

    What I find so Amusing

    Is our FED And JPM Are trying to play the same game with silver as they do any other stock. It really is funny if you think about it.

    You see silver un like stocks does not have a endless supply. Each and every time they take it down they make it easier for supply to get all bought up. The World is in High demand for silver and the world loves CHEAP SILVER... Especially us STACKERS... And because JPM GS And the FED continue manipulate the stocks they make more stackers go after REAL Product.

    So in the end they are the ones who will do themselves in. No need to worry because they are destroying the system they put in place with their endless GREED....

    Become INDEPENDENT and realize there is a different way... Dont be part of their SCAM and you will be effected much less once the system collapses .

    Need to become a History buff to start to see whats coming as well some small education in math. Compounding effect will take place due to the population . History is about to REPEAT.Get ready for it.

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    • 16 TRILLION 540 BILLION ... AND GROWING ... Amazing isn't it just how fast it is jumping up... Yet seems like all the debt talks have vanished ...INTERESTING ... Just like I thought . Put a 90 day Review on things and its no news anymore. LMFAO As if the problem solved itself and has gone away....

      No Need to worry folks . WE The Govern who know best fixed the problem for you peasants and saved us all.
      What would we do without them ? Thank GOD For these Worthless Suits in charge.

      I remember well and no matter how many 90 day Reviews you put on a topic Does not make it GO AWAY...

      Anyone Remember OBama Speech before getting in office so many years ago when he told WS To Clean up their act or he will... REMEMBER THAT.... So Now we are in YEAR 5 and what has changed ? You tell me just what did he do to CLEAN UP WS CRIMINALS ? Take a Look at the SEC Cases and just how FEW were sent to justice... BIG FAT NADDA.

      Do any of you really believe that this volume is real ? Interesting... I bet you also believe HFT are all but a think of the past as well . I bet you also believe that Electronic voting machines cant be rigged either... WOW..

      If so then please give me a call because I am willing to sell you a Bridge here in S.F. Ca for cheap....

      Honestly I seriously hope all who read my posts listen just a Small bit. BOYCOTT THIS CORRUPT MARKET And Buy yourself some protection... Yes there are Fools out there that will say ERR If the whole system fails what good will silver do for you. Well Total Collapse wont mean the World stops. It will mean a new Currency will come about and it will mean people will want REAL VALUE to it... Silver and Gold will be Backing do to its NEED in the real world.... Silver Might just take the place in value of gold do to its importance ....

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      • Also tell me this why does a one ounce gold coin have 50$ printed on it?
        The revaluation of the dollar is not far away!
        In 1980 a new truck was around 4-6 k in 1990 it was well over 10k in 2000 it was closer to 18k and today its over 30k!Some are as high as 60k!Show me a 60k truck in 1980 or 1990 or even 2000 for that matter!
        But hey we only have 3% inflation per year or less!Thats why everything is going up over 100% every few years!
        Retirement is no longer an option for 80-90% of the population!

    • It will and the go with the flow types will be run over!
      Sad cause 300+ million people will be left out in the cold in america!

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