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  • shiggihs73 shiggihs73 Mar 7, 2013 7:24 PM Flag

    According to Extreme (Ext4r)........

    ........the purchasing of any real asset is considered hoarding. So be sure never to buy a home, never buy any land, and never put your money in anything other than the POS greenback. Sage advice from the King of the Trolls.

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    • Never Hoard Something After Everyone Else has Already Driven the Price Sky High... that's the time to be dumping not hoarding. When silver is $3 - $8 go ahead and hoard like mad. When it's $9 -$11 then nibble maybe. When it's $14+, then be cautious, when it's over $20 it is highly crash-prone.

      I'll tell you when to start hoarding silver again, after silver really bottoms out at the bottom of the next coming recession. At the last recession (4+ year ago) silver crashed to $8, but it could be worse on this next one. could go as low as $4-$7

      If you think we're recession proof, you are mentally challenged.

      If you think silver and oil go up in recessions, you haven't been paying attention.

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      • If I said wait to buy a house in San Francisco until the prices return to $400K or so, you would never own a home in San Francisco.

        When do you expect this recession and crash, Extreme.? You've been coming on here daily saying it's imminent, and here we are several years later and the price of silver is virtually unchanged from when you started. The sky has not fallen, and no one is driving around in silver cars. Analysts and ever weathermen get fired at some point after being wrong over and over again. How long will you continue your incessant posting? Another year? Five years? Ten years? What's in it for you?

      • shiggihs73 is correct, you do not offer good advice.
        Just because it has gone from 3-30 does not mean it is high in price, it actually is low. Go read more you don't know what you are talking about.
        We shall see in the coming months as things play out.

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