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  • market_maker123 market_maker123 Mar 8, 2013 9:54 AM Flag

    WE ARE HERE: IGNORE BASHERS. Steps must be taking to avoid financial ruin below:

    Silver is going to $42 by April 19th. A major spring silver spike is coming:
    There is a major move on behind the scenes at JPM and GS that is going to do what will be known as a "Spring Silver Spike". It's coming withing the next three weeks and now you have been warned ahead of time to take part in the most incredible wealth transfer in history. Although many investors have been disquieted by ongoing market manipulation the computer algorithms have been over driven and a market reset has to occur as insiders have overloaded mainframe and operating systems which coordinate very complicated high frequency trading algorithms. The system reset has to occur so that naked shorts and various derivatives along with with complicated futures accounts and processing so memos have been distributed to various sources warning of this reset. This is going to cause a major market bull run that is expected to last into late summer when computer programmers and trading platform specialists will introduce a new HFT processing and operating systems upgrades into various participating Wall Street systems. It will be a bull run that takes the Dow Jones Industrial Average up above 17,000 and gold and silver will roar to all time highs and beyond. Gold is expected to shine above $2,000 while silver is catapulted above the $75 with some analysts expecting a parabolic rise which could even exceed $100 by late July. End of message.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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