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  • dem274 dem274 Apr 15, 2013 9:49 AM Flag

    They are punishing all other forms of currency, like bit coin, um arizona just made this legal tender...


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    • I wonder if AZ did the Utah thing....face value is what you get for it. But even if it is at market value, it was a symbolic one is required to take it...hard to pay your cable bill with PM. Kind of like ordiances requiring gun ownwership...form over function.

    • I think the fundemental problem with this "they" crp, is...there is no "they"....the market has no time for daily conspricacy meetings.....the PM anti banksters (not that anti bank is bad mind you)....have been misleading people for several years. Do market makers and big financial organizations short..sure. Big more than any other type of market.

      time to put on the big boy pants and man up....put your money down and take your whinning though.

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      • With the general 'cost-of-revenue' taken into account, I can see where a lot of small-cap and micro-cap miners could get swallowed up here. But, yeah, it's just 'the market' and deal with it. But I'd take metal any day, almost at any price vs the 85billion/month on top of QE1 & 2, because it will surely, eventually collapse. Somebody needs to drive a stake into John Maynard Keynes' heart. So now I'll follow your lead re: Arizona. Thx.

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      • There is no conspiracy, its the way it is now. The reason we are in debt, is because of these people. We are the collateral, we the people can form a gov that prints its own money. We are the ones that own the country. Not them. So we kick them out and do what Iceland did, then we would be free, and all our natural rights would be recognized, also, we would own property out right again.

      • I did, and there is a They, who prints fake money on nothing; they charge compound intrest to the people, they own this government, where they need to be in jail. Iceland put the banksters in jail they owe nothing now, and print money for people without interest. They are doing the same job as the private bank, contract or expand the suply. And people not corportions are running the country. And what do you mean I been misleading people for years.

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